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  1. Okay, I'm more than aware that this request will send all the haters directly to this post but I'm looking for some assistance. If anyone knows of a conversion shop that has done the convertible conversion for the Gen III Challengers I would very much appreciate the shops information. My Hellcat was purchased as a Sunday driver, summers only so I'm considering this modification for my Hellcat. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. From the album rides

  3. From the album rides

  4. You may want to contact www.ridergraphix.com and talk to them about what you are looking for. If it's out there they should be able to either make it for you or direct you to the right company. Good luck.
  5. I think there is a little more money made based upon volume sold as well. I was fortunate to pay MSRP for my "ordered" Hellcat but I did miss the auto due to the allocation being met before my car went into production. I've had the car for a month now and I do like the 6 speed more than I thought I would. I just ordered my 2016 3500 Ram 4x4 Longhorn Diesel with the Mega Cab to replace my 2011 5.7 longhorn. I ended up purchasing this new truck for 12% off MSRP which in my opinion was a great deal on an ordered truck that is just starting to hit the dealerships. I managed to get such a great deal on this truck because I paid MSRP for the Hellcat. I've got no complaints with the Hellcat other than there not being A/C cooled seats like my truck. There is air but not A/C.
  6. I found a local person that has tuned the hellcat initially with a 60 hp gain and then managed a 100 hp gain with a new crank pulley. The thing everyone needs to remember that once ANY tuning takes place all warranties are gone. Because the hellcat is new enough where warranty issues can come into play I personally would not recommend fucking with the tuning. I do applaud AJ and HHP for their success and everyone knew that AJ would be on the tuning aspect of these cars like flies on shit.
  7. Let's not forget that Ronald Regan was also a Democrat before he pulled his head out of his ass and came to the Republican side. Now because Regan switched parties the tactic to criticize Trump for doing the same thing will be eliminated instantly.
  8. I'm surprised this thread did not get some extra boost after the first primary debate. Last night I watched 3 different Trump interviews and the guy is very smart and his comments on all the issues such as immigration, middle east, Obama-care, etc. The fact that he is not taking any political money is a very smart move as the general public is figuring out that he can't be bought. IF Donald Trump gets the republican nomination I now believe he will actually win the Presidential Election. His polling numbers continue to rise.
  9. that really sucks for Dave
  10. The "buy back" details have not yet been finalized but I've been informed that the dollar amount will not be in the best interest of those people with low miles and a vehicle that is deemed in "Excellent" condition. For me, my 2011 2500 Laramie Longhorn Mega Cab Limited edition with 28,000 miles on it will get me $36-$37,500 dealer trade in value. I will most likely trade mine in and simply let my dealership deal with the recall. I'm waiting for the 2016 models as they've increased the size of the interior and obviously have upgraded all electronics. The exterior remains the same. It's time for the diesel.
  11. does anyone know if John sold his hellcat?
  12. Heidi - My car has nothing from bumper to bumper that is factory. The engine, complete drivetrain, ECU, etc. has been professionally built. My build with Tim did not have a set price limit. It specifically had a set ET range of 9.50 - 9.99. When he was done with my car it ran SLOWER ET's than when he took possession of the car. I paid Tim almost $20,000 for him to make my car run slower and there is absolutely no defense for this. NONE what so ever. He knew EXACTLY what I wanted and told me NO PROBLEM in making it happen. His hands were not ties due to money restrictions. The bottom line is Tim failed at the project he contracted with me and never once apologized or offered me a reduction on what I was to pay him. All I want out of these posts is for another person to NOT have the same negative experience with Tim Barth as I had. If a builder/tuner is a vendor of a forum looking for sales then they need to be held accountable for the negative fallout of not doing what they took money to do. Tim was a vendor here when he took my business. If he is no longer a vendor I suspect there is a viable reason for that.
  13. Dale - I'm very upset with this proposed plan and oppose it. You keep referring to Minnesota as a "Bleeding Heart Liberal" state but know that currently our state government is controlled by Republicans in both the house and senate for the first time in over 40 years. Once we get rid of Dayton (democrat) as governor you will see some drastic changes. Trust me, I know it's bad and living in Stillwater as I see the fucking assholes from Illinois driving across the Hudson bridge every first of the month heading toward Minneapolis to pick up their welfare checks. The fuckers don't even live here but have some relative with a Minnesota address which allots them a fucking check. It's a damn joke and Dayton knows it's happening and has done nothing to stop it. BTW: It's $500,000 for the entire project and not for each unit.
  14. Yet you just returned to Minnesota for a vacation in the past couple weeks.........hmmm....glad you left some of that Texas money in this liberal state.
  15. This is a slight continuance of a previous topic I posted informing people to be careful with who you choose to give your money to when it comes to your car. I went on record accusing Tim Barth of failing to deliver what he promised to deliver when it came to a substantial continued build of my race car. I was reluctant to name Tim as he is a "nice" person. After giving it some thought and reading plenty of posts where people on this forum felt I should name the person/business that did me wrong, I agree that I would want to know the name of the person/shop. Without naming the person/shop the initial thread was useless. Some of you made a comment basically saying "there is always two sides to the story" and my response was very cut and dry that Tim could easily dispute my claims. As it turns out Tim and I were actually Facebook friends and for the hell of it I just recently checked to see if this was still the case. As I suspected Tim unfriended me. Unfriending me is no big deal but I do think people need to know a couple things - 1) a person or multiple people went running to Tim telling him what I posted. I have a VERY GOOD idea as to which members of this forum did that. I know Tim did not simply come across my thread because Tim does not typically do the forums any longer. 2) Tim had and has every opportunity to discredit my claims and/or enter his rebuttal to my claims to date, he's chosen to not do so for whatever reason. As a "professional" tuner/builder of performance cars I think Tim owes this community an explanation or at least some sort of response to a claim that can be damaging to his reputation and/or business. In MULTIPLE emails to Tim during the build process I informed Tim that I was not seeing the gains he claimed I would see with HIS recommended build and tune. I NEVER got an answer yet Tim got paid. Still waiting for a response from Tim himself........