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  1. Husband Lisa[emoji23]
  2. Make an offer
  3. I'd go with the oem gaskets and bolts. Lots of people report issues with the aftermarket ones. This is not something you want to pay twice for labor.
  4. Stolenlogix [emoji23] I dealt with them once with a big suspension order and I got to see their true colors so to speak. Never again. They don't give a shit about the community. It's all about how they can get your money. Bait and switch tactics, dishonest, ridiculous shipping fees, and lack of communication to name a few. They think they're the only game in town. They don't post as much on CT anymore. Even with the forum being so protective of them. Anyways, I got a question on this harness bar which looks like a quality piece. Is the design excepted under SCCA and NASA rule book? I remember reading something about the cage needing to be designed in a certain way. But not sure.
  5. Will take $2500
  6. The dealer is full of shit. They haven't used those shocks on the Challengers since 2012 I believe.
  7. Bump from Fort Mill SC