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  1. Over 500 cars at the Cruise at the Creek Car Show in Shelton, WA! Big Blue takes top honors in the "Classic Cars of Tomorrow" class. The judges came back around 4 times, it was between me and a 2007 Shelby Mustang, but Big Blue prevailed! Video Link below. https://youtu.be/cd_FHqwSyBw
  2. EU Decals has nice Mopar ones. The steering wheel picture is actually my car. Here's the link. They are in Greece, so it takes awhile. http://www.eu-decals.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=1015
  3. Work had been messing with my Car Show Life, but I have been able to attend some pretty big shows in August and September. The coolest award was Best of Show at an all Modern Mopar show voted on by the clubs attending. Pictures below. Have a great end of summer!!!!
  4. Around 17 bucks on Ebay for lights and foglights. If these are too dark, than I am not out too much. Here are 2 links. The first is the Ebay set for 17 bucks. The second is a thicker tint if you are looking for protection also. I already installed thick clear coating, so I put these right over the top. http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?n...363725&alt=web http://www.bigwormgraphix.net/challe...okedlights.htm Windex, paper towels, a bottle with detergent and water mix, a two sided squeegee and a hair dryer or heat gun. Ready, set, go! — at Boston Harbor Marina. Before... I forget where I got this, but it is a must! One down, and it starts pouring down rain. Darn Weather app! If you are not experienced using a heat gun, use a hair dryer. Heat guns run 500-900 degrees and you can get in trouble in a hurry. Left side finished. Right side finished. Done!!
  5. For some reason, this link still works. https://web.archive.org/web/20141225171634/http://www.sequentialtaillights.com/dodge/Top%20Challenger%20Tips%20and%20Tricks.htm I also have it in PDF format. If you would like it, send me an email. swiftjr1@yahoo.com
  6. From the album Big Blue

  7. From the album Big Blue

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  11. From the album Big Blue