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  1. Thanks for the love Dan!! I am located in Killeen, TX. I know that we can get you straight to where you want to be.
  2. Glad this thread has life again!!!! Woohoo!! KBs for the win.
  3. Did I not get the top spot on the arms? Drat
  4. Guy, I want to the a arms.
  5. I have a larger heat exchanger, ice tank, and use meth above 10psi.
  6. Cradle cost?
  7. Cross-member and K member still available?
  8. I would go with the ATI. The face pinning isn't always the best.
  9. Good advice from both of you. The motor ate 6 plugs the last go round. I think I may just leave it off.
  10. Cam, I have had one for awhile. I had in on for about 2 days. I assumed that I had it installed wrong, so I removed it. I was looking to re-install it if I could get the instructions to make sure it was correct.
  11. Thanks brother!
  12. Seems that controlboost has vanished??