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  1. Glad you are ok Sam. At those speeds you can never overlook safety.
  2. Good luck everyone run fast run safe.
  3. Thanks Jay. The 16 runs were done over two days.
  4. Johan is tuning the car. I have JBA Headers and cats, Corsa cat back, a Stack Performance 87MM TB and Airaid CAI.
  5. They do but when you put a tune on it that is gone.
  6. This last weekend I made 16 runs at The Mojave Mile and the average speed of all those runs was 155.4 MPH .2 MPH over the old record of 155.2 MPH and the new record is now 157.2 MPH what a weekend. This is a Stock N/A 5.7 motor only the timing chain has been changed by the dealer on the recall with NO power adders.
  7. I'm not a big fan of the hood it looks more like a hood from a Charger not a Challenger.
  8. This is all I have to say about all this drama.
  9. Great videos and congrads to those in the 200MPH club.
  10. Great job Lisa those are some killer speeds. Glad everyone had a great weekend have a safe trip home.
  11. Jack just ran a 150.8 good pass. I know there is more there.
  12. Great runs!!!! 180 today I think so.
  13. Jack a few things that helped me. Pull off your air filter get your tire pressure to 45-50 psi. Good luck tomorrow be safe and fast.