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  1. What in the world could you want from MY car????
  2. Whatever their top one was. I purchased from a guy on LX Forums (BB2010SRT8) who had it 2 months and parted his car to buy a Caddy. I paid $4000 with a few hundred miles on it.
  3. What ever they had back in 2012. Driven maybe 3 times in the last 2 years.
  4. , not quite but yea a really good deal for someone who has the space and maybe a good motor to drop in.
  5. Work done by myself and Truestreet Performance – Tune by AJ Hemituner Probably $15000 in parts not counting the car. Want $8000 I DO NOT WANT TO PART OUT AT THIS TIME, DO NOT ASK. If I do I will update post. Drag pack intake Accel 1300 cfm TB Paramount Trans installed…………Feb 2012 TCE 15” brakes front and rear…..Sept 2013 Paramount 8.8 (3.55)…………………Sept 2014 DSS CF driveshaft and 1400 Hp Axles…….Sept 2014 BFNY Solid bushings……………………………………Sept 2014 Danko fiberglass fenders, upper and lower grill, V2 rear spoiler Carbon by Design CF/Fiberglass Trunk lid VFN 6 pack Hood….Special order 5” tall scoop with Danko honeycomb insert to match grill Speed logix Front cradle, Solid mounts, Trans mount, Bumper support, Billet upper control arms Stage 6 Two step, Wired up but disconnected when car stripped Trans cooler Corsa Extreme / no cats, spread to clear CF driveshaft……2010 Kooks headers Moroso Coolant, power steering and oil pan Billet Technology Water neck, Dipstick, Oil cap, Shift insert and Valve covers, the only set they made like this as far as I know. Antigravity Lithium Battery 5.5 lbs…….$450 Magna Fuel Pump, Filters and regulator +++ Fittings, Teflon hose, RCI 5 gal tank……Approx. $2400 in parts Battery shut off + new 1/0, 8 and 4 gage lines to fuse block and charging posts. Wire was over $300 Optic Armor rear and door glass.$520 RPM Rear seat firewall Spohn Rear adjustable control arms…$592 Chassis Engineering Door handles CX Racing Coil overs with adjustable damping Weld Racing 15” RTS wheels with Hoosier 26.0/4.5-15 Drag Front Runner and Hoosier 28.0/10.0-15 D06 Drag Slick. Maybe 20 runs Stock hood, trunk and fenders Innovate AFR DB-Blue Gauge / LC-1 Kit - P/N: 3795 Kirkey 18in Layback Drag seat 5 Point harness – Expired : ( Line lock http://s215.photobucket.com/user/350hpv8/slideshow/06%20HotRod
  6. 3 year old Getrag has updated clutch pack. Axles are 5 years old and have tone rings but both have ripped boots on one side. You can have the cradle bushings too. $1400 + shipping.