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El Diablo

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  1. Whipple 2.9L, contact Erik Storms @BFNY PERFORMANCE. He will hook you up on the parts and second to none on the install.
  2. On average, how much do they charge to do a challenger ?
  3. Is it possible to use A Samsung Tab E connected using USB in the console ? I want to use my tab E with ITunes to play music in the truck, don't want to use my phone where its using up data time.
  4. My 2017 Ram 1500 has 4500 miles on it now and haven't had any issues so far.
  5. It was a doozy to say the least ! They are saying now that Dickinson got between 56-58 inches total, I can dam sure believe it judging by where the water was in my backyard.
  6. My top mounts don't anchor to the grill like Sams were. I went right above the grill and drilled a hole for the top mount, there is a 3x3 x 1/8 aluminum plate on the back side of the top mount and the bottom mount. If I were going to be running my car still and at the speeds you are pushing I would add two of the shorter Long acre braces towards the outside ends also.
  7. I would stay with the 08-10 style splitter, add 4 of the long acre turnbuckles and you should be good to go. Sam didn't loose the front spoiler until he took the long acre braces off, think he's going to put some back on his this go round.
  8. Just turned over 3000 miles on my new Ram and no trans issues as of yet ! Knock on wood.
  9. Good for you ! I'm not putting anything on my car, staying just like it came with a warranty.
  10. Love the color but the Bushwacker fender flares still suck !
  11. I think you may want to discuss this with AJ or Josh, pretty sure they have a couple on the street with no issues.
  12. I like the rim itself but not a fan of the white, maybe a brass monkey color instead.
  13. Well unfortunately J, I think I'm in the same boat on the supercharger. Mine just turned over 2000 miles, I started noticing the noise a couple hundred miles ago. I'm going to take it in next week and let the dealer check it out.
  14. Dammit ! You have had some shitty luck ! Guess anyone can make a mistake but that doesn't seem like something a reputable engine builder would miss. Was this problem apparent on the first rebuild ? Possibly the oil consumption issue all along ?
  15. Ok...gotta ask, why the hell are you having to pull the heads again ?
  16. I think you officially have the record for the longest running for sale add on MMF.
  17. Contact Don at A2SPEED, he will know for sure but API says its good to 112mm on their website.
  18. Hmmm....that explains it then. Corsa LX / LC car exhaust for a R/T is 2 1/2", SRT8 is 2 3/4".
  19. Dayum ! I really like the Yellow, had this been available when I bought mine it would have been yellow also.
  20. Any progress ? Do you by chance have any other pic's of the valve covers where you installed the fittings for the vent system ? What size vent hoses are you running ?
  21. I'm Sure Speedy will be happy to sign the glove box door & take a pic with the new owner.
  22. 454 is very docile compared to a .44mag. Same here Chuck, I've fondled one numerous times, even shot a buddies and havent talked myself into buying one yet.
  23. Unless you plan on pushing it above 1000rwhp regularly I wouldn't waste the money. ARP main stud kit, line hone & call it a day.