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  1. WTB THITEK heads, let me know what you have.
  2. Got a brand new one!
  3. dig deep!!!
  4. ok .THANKS
  5. The Drag Pak intake makes power, but needs or should be ported for best results, Have a friend with a 461 N/A and a worked DP, made 50 hp and 50 ft through out the power band. Have one being ported for my TT set up.
  6. What's the back spacing on the rears ?
  7. SOLD> 3.06 Getrag and DSS driveshaft SOLD. HHP Getrag clutch upgrade NEW $300. DSS 1 piece aluminum Challenger driveshaft, Fits auto with Getrag rear. NEW NEVER INSTALLED $730. + shipping
  8. DSS 1 piece aluminum driveshaft ,NEW NEVER INSTALLED! fits Challenger AUTO with 4 bolt flange with GETRAG rearend. $725.+ shipping. NO WAIT TIME !!!
  9. June 9th & 10? I might try to make it, putting up a new garage,time may be tight.
  10. To bad you have a stick, I have a new auto DSS driveshaft just outside of Syracuse .
  11. Sounds interesting.
  12. 09 R/T Drivers seat power with heat, 52lbs
  13. early spring bump ?? tax time bump?? Whatever, Great wheels.
  14. Thanks, I had one out not to long ago, but was to lazy to weigh it, just had someone ask me, I said around 70lbs. so I wasn't to far off.