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  1. That's where I got my set from on sale (no reserve auction on ebay). Need all 4 spindles, calipers, rotors and brake lines (that's it, other suspension components are the same). Something I noticed was that the brake lines are just different enough you can't really use your stock R/T lines. Of course you'll need wheels to clear lol.
  2. Anything simple will work. I had a Zune until someone stole it out of my Charger.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the Apache's have bigger ports and valves out of the box. You can bolt a set of 6.1 heads on to a 5.7 with stock bore, but you can't with Apache's without enlarging the bore because of that valve size. Mopar Muscle built a moderate race engine around a 426 stroker with about 10-10.5 compression, Indy ported Apache heads and a fairly mild cam for a race engine. Damn thing made like 700hp.
  4. My first car back in '91 was a beater '74 Dart. $450. Looked like ass on the outside, but had a rebuilt 318 in it. Downside, the mechanic who owned it converted it to an auto from a 3sp manual for his mother...then she didn't want it. Wrecked the Dart a year later, bought a '74 Gold Duster for $150, needed a trans. $50 later with a trans... Still had when I joined the navy, found a '72 I raced while I was in FL Went on a deployment, found a note making me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I sold them both and bought my beater '72 Charger... Had a 318, blew the trans. Replaced the trans, then 6mos later the oil pump blew. Went back to the same Cordoba in the same junkyard and snagged the 360 out of it and dropped that in. Much more fun to drive, but the electrical system was going, going...found a '72 Road Runner for sale fall of '96. Needed an engine/trans, but came with an ass ton of parts. $500. Unfortunately never took any pics of it while it was running. Built that car with a healthy 400. Had lots of plans for it...then engine fire, followed shortly with going back into the service. Decided to sell it rather than let her rot. Ended back in FL and found this for $1000: '74 Monaco 2 dr, factory 440. Previous owner had swapped in the column and interior from an Imperial. Had this from 2001 to 2005. Katrina took this one away from me, along with all the parts I had garnered for it as well. Last classic I had.
  5. I always thought it was "too much is just enough" when it comes to power
  6. Thread resurrection Gen 1 - 51-57 Chrysler 331-354-392 most common (Dodge and DeSoto had hemis, but Plymouth did not. Interesting to note that no parts were interchangeable between the Chrysler/Dodge/DeSoto hemis) Gen 2 - 64-71 Dodge/Plymouth (no Chrysler ever got a hemi those years) 426, based on the 426 wedge block Gen 3 - 03-08 5.7, 05-10 6.1 with and without MDS (6.1 never had MDS) Gen 4 - 09+ 5.7, 11+ 392 and Hellcat 6.2 Back in '68 my uncle raced this frankenstein he and his uncle built, 55 Chevy with a hillborn injected 392 (couldn't afford the Donovan), a 4 speed and a Cadillac rear. Later on when I got my 72 Road Runner, found out my youngest uncle (a chevy fan) GAVE AWAY a 354 and 392 that had been sitting in the yard...could've cheerfully choked him for that one.