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  1. RT thanks so much for the tip on this issue. My son and I just got back with the parts and he's going to take the car to his house where he has his tools and do the deed. He said he told me when we first discussed my front end problems that the sway bar links might need replacing. I just hope this solves the problem cause the Moos are not cheap.
  2. I'm the second owner of a 2006 300 Hemi with 85,000 miles on it. I just put a set of KYBs on it but that didn't kill the gremlins. Could it be bushings, or tie rod ends or something else I'm missing? I've never had this issue on any other car I've owned. Is the clunking endemic to this car or is this just normal wear and tear??
  3. Shoot me a PM when you come to Dallas/Ft. Worth I'm buy you a beer and you can maybe help me with doing the right things to my 2006 300 5.7.
  4. Do you also offer Kenne Bell? I've been thinking of stroking my 5.7 and installing a KB 2.8 or 3.6. I don't want Mr. Norm's power I would be good with 600-700whp.
  5. That's b/c the pollution-controlled 6.7 sucks at fuel mileage. I had two 5.9s, a 2003 QC 3500 SRW with auto trans and a 2006 QC dually w/6sp. I got 32mpg in the dually one time going downhill with the wind at my back. If I wasn't hauling anything it would get 22-23mpg consistently. I wish I had that 03 now, it was the best truck I ever owned. If I bought a Ram now it would be the 1500 loaded Laramie with the diesel, but I'l retired now and don't need a truck. I use my wife's 2014 T&C as my truck I can put a 4x8 sheet of plywood behind the front seats. My car is a 2006 Vanilla 300 Hemi. Has just over 85,000 miles on it. My only complaints are the cheap plastic interior and the trucklike ride with the performance suspension. Other than that it's the best car I've ever owned. I drove a '14 S car and I would trade for a blue Hemi in a heartbeat if I was still working,