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  1. He responded and is fine with my time line and knows I still can't touch it for awhile. He was concerned because the other shop screwed him over. I told him I didn't return any phone calls last week due to learning the hell cat Pcm pretty much all last week along with tuning other cars. He is ok and does not want it taken to any other shop because I'm his words he knows it will be right when I'm done with it. So drama is done and I can go back to not posting on forums for this reason.
  2. Scott I have a 4 week tuning wait to get on my dyno and im tuning seven days a week two cars a day. I have turned down over 20 cars for builds. I'm only one guy now that I sold mph last year and honestly don't have any scheduled time for any new builds until winter. I did relay it to him, I never mislead someone on my work Schedule. I only agreed to help with his nightmare because he really got screwed over. Unfortunately my help can only come once I complete my obligations in front of him. I dont do drama. Just tune cars and build them. Sometime I can't meet people's expectations on time but it's never from lack of trying not do I ever mislead a customer where Im at in my schedule.
  3. I'm not missing in action and there isn't any bullshit going on. I have told him I have cars in front of him and I'm one person. The same cars I was building before him are still being built. He is welcome to pick it up and take it somewhere else for them to figure out his problems if he feels the need. I have not once lied or misled him. I haven't returned one call from last Wednesday becuase I spent all last week learning the pcm on a hellcat. There are quite a few people i owe returned calls to and will get to them as I can. Scott, you're welcome to your opinion. But you might what to ask before jumping to conclusions. He sent the car knowing I had no idea when I could touch it, if that is now a problem with him then it's probably time for him to pick it up from me.
  4. got two of them if you still need one
  5. Hey guys, I want to first say thank-you to everyone who posted in Linda's thread about my son. Its still tough for us and we have a lot still to go thru with the murder trial and the lawsuit with the city and ambulance company who let him lay on scene for 36 minutes. A lot has happened personally for me, I want to thank John and Linda Tout for being true friends thru all this for Rhonda and I. Linda flew here to support us at Andrew's funeral and they have both been great with letting me put their race cars both on hold while I sort things out. My wife isn't doing well without me around, I couldn't leave to go to work without massive tears from her. She begged me to get her out of the hell hole Rockford before something else happened. Well, something else did happen. I had a dirtbag try to steal a car off our lot, my neighbor called and told me what was happening. This was june 8th, two weeks after my son was shot and killed. I jumped in my truck with one of my personal protection dpgs and hauled ass there. I caught him red handed and pinned him with Auggie. I "assumed" the neighor had called police and I knew while I was enroute once my buds on the PD saw it was my address with a car theft in progress the calvary would get there with me. Welp, that wasn't the case, he didn't call police. So here I am with a dirt bag pinned to the ground with my K9 and me on the cell calling police. In the mean time two more idiots try to get involved so I'm having to deal with three pieces of shit now and one dog. She kept them all at bay while I was screaming for 911 to get officers to me. The calvary came lights and sirens and got there to help me. All three went ot jail. This was all recorded by another neighbor, Once my wife saw the video and realized I was there for 5 mintues without police that was it for her. She demanded I get us out of Rockford NOW! Fast forward to July. We purchsed a farm in a small town of 800 people in North Western Illinois 5 minutes from the Wisconsin border. My farm has a building on it so i have a lift here, full fab shop and my dyno will be here eventually. This allows me to stay at home with her and still tune and do fab work on hot rods/race cars and keeps us from having to go down town Rockford for me to tune.That city is the last place either of us want to be after everything that has happened. MPH is still there and running with a friend named Andrew Workinger running it. Again, Linda and John, y'all are amazing friends and you really don't know who much that means to Rhonda and I. Tom Bright on here as well has been the true friend he has always been to us. He has helped my family with anything and everything we needed. Tim