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  1. The real solution is to prevent the turning oil inside from rushing under the deflector plate and try to get out. With just a little gasket applied at the right spot inside around the deflector, you can do that. My catch can is always empty since then and the air can still go in and out without problem.
  2. FYI, I've tried the "BFSALE" code in my cart and it gave me this error : Coupon code "BFSALE" is not valid. Edit : Never mind, it works if certain items the special applies to is in the cart.
  3. Congratulations !
  4. Good job guys ! Congratulations
  5. Very sad. We met Bobbi on the way to CF2. She was a nice person and always smiling.
  6. Happy b'day Steven
  7. Congratulations ! That transmission is holding up well
  8. Congratulations Mani !
  9. Pegleg burnout before my 11.8 run -> welded wavetrac internals. Fixed under warranty. Left axle stub was pitted so I got a new one. I changed all bearings, all seals and got new Ford racing 4.10 face hobbed gears. It's quieter than stock right now. I didn't beat it up that much yet though. I'll tell you more details when we meet. I don't want to hijack the thread.
  10. I'll take you up on that and order a 316 version if possible I can update you on my diff rebuild at the same time. I'm proud to say I'm back on the road and it was a success
  11. Looking good Mani! Would this be useful for a street car like mine or its for more hardcore racers ? You know I don't like nvh too much.
  12. Congratulations! You have consistent times too.
  13. They look great !
  14. Happy birthday HemiSam!
  15. I'm glad to know it's back on the road :-) Good luck at the track.