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  1. Got a set of new Thitek heads, then stumbled across a new Hellcat supercharger that was very very reasonable. So much so I could not pass it up. Is there a source for a couple of adapter plates to mate the supercharger to the heads? Thank you for anyone who can help with some information.
  2. Will Do.
  3. Yep that's not a problem. You have anything that would work? Are the pistons worth using?
  4. Does anyone make replacement Hellcat rods?
  5. I am curious to know if anyone here has an opinion on the new Edelbrock blower that was just released. It sure looks awesome.
  6. $550 from Arrow.
  7. Thanks. I also have some 2.165 Thiteks and am looking now at different kinds of blowers. The new Edelbrock 2650 looks promising.
  8. Good deal. I happen to have a new Hellcat block, and new Hellcat pistons and rings. I am thinking use them with some molnar rods and crank and have a 377 short block ready for boost.
  9. Does that include stock main bolts and caps?
  10. This manifold is out now from Arrow Racing.
  11. Thanks. Has anyone heard of a Hellcat PISTON failure? I know that rods have let go but what about pistons?
  12. This question came up on Facebook recently. What type of forged pistons are in a Hellcat? I know the rods are " powder forged" but what about the pistons? Would they be good for a power adder build?
  13. As I proceed with this build in my head, I became aware I till need a rear sump oil pan and pickup. I have an SRT Jeep pan and pickup, how good are they or should I be looking for an aftermarket rear sump? With the Gerst K Frame a rear sump will work best in my application.