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  1. Shoot me offers!
  2. PLX DM-6 multi gauge and vac/boost module The DM-6 gauge can be used with up to 32 modules via daisy chain. So you can view up to 32 sensors through 1 gauge. Comes with everything needed except your choice of module. Also have a vac/boost module. Just need to buy the 2.1mm 12v plug to power it as I'm currently using the one that it came with. If you want to use the multi gauge for anything but AFR you will need the $20 8v converter to power the DM-6 gauge from plx. The AFR module already has the converter built in. Here is a link to plx http://www.plxdevices.com/Automotive-Gauges-and-Sensors-s/108.htm $60 shipped for the gauge $50 shipped for the vac/boost module.
  3. I have a whipple CAI with 2k miles. Will fit cars that don't have power steering reservoir and a 2.9l whipple. I notched the lower heat shield to clear my power steering line but the filter was too big to fit because I have power steering so I can't use it. $150obo+shipping Also have 16 ngk lztr7iax-13 plugs with 2k miles on them. I know i know no one is going to buy used plugs but I don't need them and I don't want to just throw $200 worth a spark plugs in the trash so I'm throwing it out there. $best offer +shipping SRT Max plus cam, used for 10k miles in my 6.1. Pics show its condition. No chipping or flaking just signs of slight wear. $350+shipping.
  4. $300 plus shipping want it gone
  5. Bump $1000 and I'll split shipping
  6. Bump $375 plus shipping!!
  7. Yes it will fit but you will need to have a tuner to change the gear ratio. It was in a 06 300c