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  1. After building engines for the last 23 years under the Arrington name, I will be building engines for Better Built Performance in Rocky Mt. Va. We will be using the machines purchased from Arringtons along with news lifts, chassis dyno, and a first class facility to continue producing top notch builds. Several of Arringtons best will be working together to make BetterBuilt the place to go for hemi performance.
  2. Thanks BuckeyeGuy & Speedy.
  3. Not trying to fix any kind of "situation". Just wanted to clarify who actually builds the engines. Glad buckeye is happy with his build.
  4. I build every engine that leaves that shop. I take pride in my work. Like Buckeye said, there are a lot of good people there. We do not manage the business, we just do our job to the best of our ability. Good luck to everyone who has left, I know you will do well.
  5. Correction: Chris Gardner did not build your engine.