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  1. Can the oil pan gasket/windage tray be reused or is it recommended to install new to avoid leaks? 6.4 block.....
  2. When degree-ing a cam for the VVT motors... is the phaser for the camshaft initially in full advance position or full retard position? Would it be a safe assumption that if you do a Piston to Valve clearance check with the phaser in both full advance and full retard positions and you have adequate clearance between the valves and pistons in both cases that you are safe from valve/piston interference?
  3. hello all- I have a 2005 Magnum RT... the brake pedal is soft and low for quite some time now and I can't figure out why. I've change pads front and rear. I've installed stainless brake lines front and rear I've bled/flushed more gallons of brake fluid thru this brake system than I care to admit using the convention pump the pedal, hold and open/close the bleeder and a i've used a pressure bleeder. I've started from the right rear, went to left rear, then right front, then left front..... I've even jacked the back of the car up a foot while bleeding the rears. Today I changed the master cylinder, bench bled it, then pressure bled the entire brake system with the pressure bleeder until clear fluid came out of each caliper.... The one thing that it does do that is strange is that, when it is below 40 degrees outside, the pedal is high and firm, but as it gets warmer as the day goes on the pedal gets low and soft.... this has me thinking that there is air trapped somewhere and when it cools off and the air contracts the pedal gets firm..... but i can't seem to get the air out. I don't and haven't had this problem with my 2012 Challenger RT or any other car I've owned. I've been working on cars since 1983, so working on cars and brakes is nothing new to me.... Thoughts? Ideas? Experiences?
  4. If I wanted to buy a Gen III 6.4 Hemi block outright, what would the part number be that I am researching? I have the 6.4 engine block casting part number.... I don't want that I have the 6.4 short block part number.... I don't want that I'm looking for the part number of a machined/finished/ready to assembly engine block for the 6.4 Hemi. thanks.....
  5. Thanks Jay, I did watch the videos. I didn't see the basket in the tank, but you didn't mention that it was or wasn't in there, so I thought I'd ask just to be 100% sure. I appreciate you video and response. Rich
  6. Am I understanding correctly that when you use a Fore fuel hat, you do not reuse the factory fuel basket? If so, is there a problem with fuel starvation to the pumps and at what fuel level is that? thanks- rich
  7. I'm needing to flush my clutch/brake fluid as my clutch pedal gets soft when running at the track making it difficult to shift.... Draining the master cylinder reservoir is pretty straight forward...... does anyone have any tricks or recommendations for siphoning the brake fluid out of the slave cylinder without having to separate the trans from the engine to compress the slave cylinder.... thanks- rich
  8. On the rears, the 20x9 with the +20 offset and the 275 wheels will fit with no issues, you can even go up to 305 on the rear.... On the fronts however, depending on the brand of tire, the 275's may scrub the knuckle..... I had to put 3mm spacers on the front of my R/T. My wheels are 20x9, +20 offset and I run General G-Max AS-03 tires....
  9. 5170742AA would this be the part number for the SRT radiator that was was discussed in other responses above?....
  10. Why are the side walls scrubbed about 1-1 1/2 inches down?
  11. Are you guys running these for drag tires or street tires?
  12. Needing to upgrade injectors....I am at the upper limit of duty cycle and don't want to melt any pistons. I have the option of DeatschWerks or AFIS Power. My current injectors are DeatschWerks only because that's what was included in the S/C kit I installed (Whipple) I'm currently using a 65 lb/hr injector.... using DeatschWerks' calculator and leaving margin in duty cycle and for growth I am look at a 95 lb/hr injector. Admittedly injectors and injector brands are an area that I know little to nothing about.... Which of these is the preferred brand or if there is a better option, please share your experience/knowledge. thanks- rich
  13. I put a Whipple on my stock 5.7 M6 before I stroked and forged it. I was able to order it from Autoanything.com for the 5.7 M6.
  14. Eddie..... it's been a year already since we dolled up The Mistress.....
  15. would you mind if I asked which one? kind of interested in seeing what's out there....