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  1. 5170742AA would this be the part number for the SRT radiator that was was discussed in other responses above?....
  2. Why are the side walls scrubbed about 1-1 1/2 inches down?
  3. Are you guys running these for drag tires or street tires?
  4. Needing to upgrade injectors....I am at the upper limit of duty cycle and don't want to melt any pistons. I have the option of DeatschWerks or AFIS Power. My current injectors are DeatschWerks only because that's what was included in the S/C kit I installed (Whipple) I'm currently using a 65 lb/hr injector.... using DeatschWerks' calculator and leaving margin in duty cycle and for growth I am look at a 95 lb/hr injector. Admittedly injectors and injector brands are an area that I know little to nothing about.... Which of these is the preferred brand or if there is a better option, please share your experience/knowledge. thanks- rich
  5. I put a Whipple on my stock 5.7 M6 before I stroked and forged it. I was able to order it from Autoanything.com for the 5.7 M6.
  6. Eddie..... it's been a year already since we dolled up The Mistress.....
  7. would you mind if I asked which one? kind of interested in seeing what's out there....
  8. I think there might be otherwise why different p/n for the master but not the slave?
  9. Something to share and a question for Micah.... I've been having the same disengagment issues with both a McLeod and lately a CenterForce. I was about to throw up my hands and just go the route of an OEM Hellcat clutch...... In the process of investigating part numbers, I've learned that the Hellcat uses a different clutch master than the R/T, Scat Pack, etc..... Before taking the plunge on the Hellcat PP, disc, clutch master, etc, I ordered a clutch master and installed it (with my CF clutch)..... I can't say that it has eliminated 100% of the disengagement issue, but it has definitely made a noticeable improvement without any perceptible increase in pedal pressure IMO. Maybe you might want to continue your R&D by putting a Hellcat clutch master in the mix and see if that further improves anything? If you do let me know I will share the p/n with you. My question: Does the McLeod TOB that you are offering include the adapter fittings to allow it to fit up with the Challenger? thanks- rich
  10. so, if shims under a stock TOB don't have an affect on the disengagement, would putting in a master cylinder that moves a greater volume of fluid cause the stock TOB to travel further?
  11. I have a 392 pushing ~680 hp/580 ft-lb to the wheels thru a M6 with the 3.92 LS Getrag. I run 28x10x17 Hoosier Drag Slicks. Best 1/4 mile is 11.602 sec at mid/upper 100 teens..... I can't not spin off the line, so I am wanting to change the rear ratio. When I do the math, it says 3.55:1 rear gear should put me where I want to be speed-wise, but I am concerned that the ratio is too high and will hurt my ET. 3.55 is 10% higher ratio than 3.92 and 3.73 is 5% higher than 3.92...... which is the better route to go? 3.55 or 3.73? looking for better launch, bigger top end but not hurt the ET (if that's possible). thanks- rich
  12. My first thought was regearing the the trans to ratios similar to the '13&up GT500...... 2.66:1 first gear, 1.82:1 second gear, 1.3:1 third etc vs the current 2.97:1 first and 2.10:1 second, 1.46:1 third .... I think the GT500 gearing is very similar to the CTS-V but I've never regeared a trans...I've rebuilt and re-geared rear ends... so that's why I started leaning toward the 3:55 rear end...... When you multiply the current trans ratios by (3.55/3.92) the resulting effective ratios (between the trans and the rear end) are very similar to those in the GT500/CTS-V with my current 3.92 rear end..... yes.... my current power is right at 700 rwhp....
  13. I hear what you are saying.... with the 392 and blower I spin the tires off the line at the drag strip entirely through first gear regardless of tire pressure. (hoosier drag slicks 28x10/17) Second gear is too tall and launches in second gear kill the 60' and ET.... When i do the math, it seems like the 5% difference between 3.73 and 3.92 isn't enough.... but the 10% difference between 3:55 and 3:92 will get me more inline with what I hope to accomplish..... not spinning completely in 1st gear on the launch and slightly faster ET and speed through the traps..... would like to hear your thoughts... rich
  14. hey all... my vehicle is a 2012 Challenger RT with the Super Track Pack and the 3.92 limited slip Getrag differential. I have recently stroked the motor from 345in^3 to 392in^3 and added a 2.9 Whipple. I'm learning that the 3.92 is too low of a ratio for what I want to do for the amount of torque and power that I am now producing. After lots of number crunching and investigating, I'm at the point where I feel like a 3.55 rear end ratio will work better for me than a 3.92 or 3.73. When I look at different websites to acquire a new ring and pinion they list H198, H210, H215, H226, etc. I am guessing that 198 is 198mm ring dia, 210 is 210mm ring dia, etc..... My question.... how do I know or determine which I have in my 2012 R/T 3.92 Getrag? thanks- rich
  15. BT, we ran the CF Dyad at South Georgia Motorsports Park.... many burnouts, no issues.... Am interested to hear what you find when you get the CF out of the car. rich