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  1. I'm running a getrag and DSS 4 inch one piece aluminum driveshaft and want to know will a Corsa Xtreme Catback for a 2006 Srt8 fit without any issues?
  2. Sold!!!!
  3. Does anyone know how big the inlet is on the 2.9 standard (non Dragpack) Whipple Supercharger? Was looking at getting one the A2SPEED 105 mm or 101mm tb but I don't want to port the inlet to accommodate either tb
  4. I'm selling a Brand New Aem Fuel/Oil pressure gauge (part #30-4401) for $150 shipped. Also have a used Speedlogix dual pod pillar in the factory beige/ fleck color. Will fit 05-07 Magnums, Chargers and 300s according to their website. Price is $125 shipped for the pod pillar. PayPal is accepted and all items will be shipped within two days after payment is received.
  5. I have a boost/afr gauge and a fuel pressure gauge I was gonna get installed on a dual pod pillar but I really don't like the gauge pod pillar look. So I was thinking of getting a fuel pressure gauge for the fuel the rail and wanted to know where could I mount the boost/afr gauge? I see Ati sells a vent pod but it's for 08-10 Chargers and mines is a 06.
  6. Thanks for the information! This was the pump on the left/driver side?
  7. I haven't taken it back to the shop but that's what I'm thinking it maybe. Would I be able to get the float off a stock pump?
  8. Hi I had the MMX/Fore single fuel pump installed not too long and my fuel gauge only reads 1/4 to 1/2 full when it's full and I got a PO463 fuel level sensor code. Someone suggested that the pick up wires may have crossed and the leads may need flipping or I may need a new leveling sensor. If I need a new sensor would I be able to get one of a used 2.7, 3.5 fuel pump? Or must it be from a 5.7 or 6.1/6.4 fuel pump?
  9. Bump! Whipple Oil Separator still available for $140 shipped. Message or email me if interested
  10. Corsa is sold. Whipple Oil Separator Catch Can still available.
  11. Fore pump sold! Corsa is available for $1200 and the Whipple oil Separator $160 shipped
  12. Pulleys sold! Whipple oil Separator and Corsa Xtreme Catback, and Fore Dual Pump still available
  13. Price lowered on the Fore Dual Pump to $525 shipped