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  1. Im selling a new Rhodes tank(21-0106) for $300 shipped. Was taken out of box but never installed. Email me at dwhip426@gmail.com if interested
  2. Pics added below and it's best reasonable offer for both parts
  3. I have a Fore/MMX(Modern Muscle Xtreme) single fuel pump system and a Pypes Racepro Catback for sale. The Fore/MMX fuel pump system will come with a new Walbro 450 pump, new filter, new wire harness, and new O-ring set. The original fuel pump the system came with was faulty and stopped working. The Fore Innovation LX/LC/LD module is for dual pumps with the return sealed so it can be ran retunless but it can be made into a dual return style setup with another pump, regulator, lines, controller, filter etc. This Fore /MMX setup can safely hold 700rwhp as a single pump, will fit 2005-10 vehicles and currently sells for $619 new plus shipping from MMX.The Fore module is slightly used(300 miles) and everything else is new so I'm asking $500 shipped. http://www.modernmusclextreme.com/p-177-hemi-single-pump-fuel-system-by-fore-mmx.aspx Also have a used Pypes Racepro Catback part number SMC11r for sale. The catback is in good condition and has 7000 miles on it. Will fit 05 to 12 5.7, 6.1, and 6.4 Chargers, Magnums, and 300s. Comes with 5" black tips. Price is $375 picked up from the Northern Virginia area. Message me at dwhip426@gmail.com if interested
  4. I've seen Magnuson Superchargers on Shaker Challengers but need to know will a 2.9 Whipple fit on a 2014 Shaker Challenger 5.7 6 speed? If yes, what needs to be modded or done for it to for?
  5. I'm selling a 2.9 red Whipple Supercharger Headunit with less 350 miles. The Headunit itself sells for $3700 plus $600 for red coating, so $4300 total. I'm selling the headunit for $2600 shipped and Whipple sells all the rest rest of the parts, called a parts box kit that has all of the other parts needed for install. This fits all 2006 and up 5.7s, 6.1s and 6.4 Hemi Chargers. If you're seriously interested email me at dwhip426@gmail.com
  6. Still for sale?
  7. I'm selling a brand new Hp Tuners Vcm Suite Mpvi Professional kit with the 8 Dodge Credits for $585 shipped. Retails for $650, part number 6023. Message or email me at dwhip426@gmail.com if you're interested in buying. Paypal is accepted
  8. I'm selling a Speedlogix Dual Gauge Pod Pillar and a Diablosport trinty gauge pod mount. The Speedlogix gauge pod is used and u brought it from a member off here awhile back but forgot I had it and now I don't need it. Will fit 2005-2007 Dodge Chargers/Magnums and Chrysler 300s. The Diablosport trinty gauge pod is brand new. I'm selling the Speedlogix pillar for $90 shipped and the Trinty pod for $22 shipped. Email me at dwhip426@gmail.com if interested
  9. All parts are still available and are being sold separately Fore Dual pump with -8 Fore fittings $620 shipped Fore Black Anodized fuel rails $230 shipped(SOLD) F2 controller with wiring and main harness $185 shipped Fore 88mm inline fuel filter $85 shipped Email at Dwhip426@gmail.com for quicker response
  10. I'm selling a brand new Fore Innovations fuel system which includes a Fore Dual Pump with two 255 fuel pumps with -8 Fore fittings, Fore Black Anodized Fuel Rails, F2 Controller with main power harness and a Fore 88mm Inline Fuel Filter with Cellulose Filtration Media and a -8an Fore outlet fitting. I brought everything directly from Fore for $1288($693 fuel pump, $280 Fuel rails, $106 Filter, $209 F2 Controller) plus shipping but I'm selling together for $1100 shipped. I'm willing to sell everything separately but only if I can find buyers for all the items. In this case the Dual Pump would be $620 shipped, $230 shipped for the fuel rails, $185 shipped for F2 Controller, wiring, main power/harness and $85 shipped for the Filter. Message me if interested or email me at dwhip426@gmail.com for a quicker response