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  1. Bump! Whipple Oil Separator still available for $140 shipped. Message or email me if interested
  2. Corsa is sold. Whipple Oil Separator Catch Can still available.
  3. Fore pump sold! Corsa is available for $1200 and the Whipple oil Separator $160 shipped
  4. Pulleys sold! Whipple oil Separator and Corsa Xtreme Catback, and Fore Dual Pump still available
  5. Price lowered on the Fore Dual Pump to $525 shipped
  6. Link to pics Fore Innovations Dual fuel pump http://i64.tinypic.com/afh4ed.png Whipple oil Separator http://i66.tinypic.com/ff4m85.png Corsa Xtreme Catback http://i67.tinypic.com/8xn6sl.jpg
  7. Pending sale on the F3 Controller and 4 gauge wiring. $550 shipped for the Dual Fore pump. Retails for $630 at HHP and Fore. $160 shipped for the Whipple oil Separator/catch can
  8. Arrington pump is sold. I can do $760 shipped for the Fore Innovations Dual pump with F3 controller and 4 guage wiring or I can do $210 shipped for the F3 controller and 4 gauge wiring and $560 shipped
  9. I have a few items for sell. 1.Brand New Fore innovations Dual returnless pump with F3 controller and 4 gauge wiring. This kit is brand new and has dual Walbro 255lph pumps. Can be made into a return style pump with if you add filtration, regulator‚Äč, fuel line and fittings. Good up to 750hp or 10psi returnless and 850hp-900hp return style. Price is $780 shipped(US) for the setup. I paid $870 for this setup from HHP 2. Arrington Single competition Fuel pump. Has under 3k miles on it and will fit 5.7s only and good up to 700hp. Price is $350(US) shipped. 3. Whipple oil Separator/catch can comes separate if you buy a tuner kit and retails for $250 plus shipping from Whipple and was only used during dyno sessions. Price is $175 shipped (US). 4. Two Whipple Pulleys, 3.25 and 3.375" and are $80 shipped (US). 5. Corsa Xtreme Catback part# 14440BLK. Is brand new and for pick up only. Northern VA area Pm me if your interested or email me at dwhip426@gmail.com for a quicker response. PayPal is accepted
  10. At what horsepower level does a 2.75 exhaust become a restriction and rob you of power?
  11. Same here
  12. Anymore input on the Mishimoto racing radiator? I was dear set on getting it whenever it came out but not so much anymore
  13. That's the one I was looking at if I replace mines Cam why wouldn't you want the built in AC condenser?
  14. Any advantages for running a bigger radiator over the stock RT unit?
  15. I'm gonna have one available off my 06 Charger RT and I have a friend with a 2012 Challenger RT that's interested and I want to make sure it will fit beforehand. Hopefully someone from Arrington will reply soon