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  1. All parts are still available and are being sold separately Fore Dual pump with -8 Fore fittings $620 shipped Fore Black Anodized fuel rails $230 shipped F2 controller with wiring and main harness $185 shipped Fore 88mm inline fuel filter $85 shipped Email at Dwhip426@gmail.com for quicker response
  2. I'm selling a brand new Fore Innovations fuel system which includes a Fore Dual Pump with two 255 fuel pumps with -8 Fore fittings, Fore Black Anodized Fuel Rails, F2 Controller with main power harness and a Fore 88mm Inline Fuel Filter with Cellulose Filtration Media and a -8an Fore outlet fitting. I brought everything directly from Fore for $1288($693 fuel pump, $280 Fuel rails, $106 Filter, $209 F2 Controller) plus shipping but I'm selling together for $1100 shipped. I'm willing to sell everything separately but only if I can find buyers for all the items. In this case the Dual Pump would be $620 shipped, $230 shipped for the fuel rails, $185 shipped for F2 Controller, wiring, main power/harness and $85 shipped for the Filter. Message me if interested or email me at dwhip426@gmail.com for a quicker response
  3. Still for sale?
  4. Catback still available
  5. Anyone know how much horsepower to the wheels a triple Walbro 255 pump will hold?
  6. No this isn't the Arrington saddle pump, it's a MMX/Fore pump that Modern muscle sells. I just so happen to have a picture of my old battery before I replaced it and I see what looks like to be a fuse holder not far from the positive battery cable with a green 30a fuse. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fuse pump and either the fuse blew, melted, came loose or some wires got damaged when I changed the battery
  7. The car is Supercharged. I don't hear the pumps coming on so I'm wondering if maybe the fuse pump relay blew or the fuel pump itself has failed.
  8. Yeah the engine will crank but won't turn over. Simliar to when you run out of gas. I don't hear the fuel pump cut on when I cut the car on
  9. Long story short my job sent me out of state for training for two months and when I got back my car had a dead battery. Put in a new battery and the car got power back and will crank but not start. My gas gauge reads off due to the lever was installed incorrectly but I know the car had enough gas to start up beforehand however I put two gallons in it and replaced the fuel pump fuse and it's still not starting. I went back out yesterday too see if I can hear the pump cut on and I didn't. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? The car sits for awhile because I'm always working but it always started without any issues prior to this and nothing was removed or changed since the last time it started but the battery. Could the dead battery going dead shorten out or blown something that's fuel related? Could it be the fuel pump relay? Car is a 06 Charger RT
  10. $1200 shipped, $1100 picked up for the Kooks catback. $25 shipped for the fuel gauge
  11. I'm selling a brand new Kooks catback part number 31124200. Will fit 05-2014 Charger, Magnum and 300 Srt8s according to Kooks website. Retails for $1985 from Kooks, $1785 from Jegs and Summit and I'm selling it for $1300 shipped or $1150 picked up from Northern Virginia. Also have a brand new Fragola fuel pressure gauge part number 900020 for $30 shipped. Email me at dwhip426@gmail.com if you're interested Kooks Race Catback Details: Oem x 3" Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust With Kooks Oval Race MufflersIncludes Kooks X-Pipe and Polished Slash Cut Exhaust TipsFor Use With Kooks Connection Pipes Or Stock Manifolds And Cats If Headers Are Not UsedWill Not Fit Dodge Challenger