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  1. So I was hoping to stumble upon a post with the information im searching for. But all that i could find are the "whats needed for the swap" posts. Im about to pull the trigger on a trans & convertor from ATI. But I was unsure what ratio i should go with for each gear. The build is a 2013 charger rt. 6.1 based 426 stroker, Thitek heads, DSS 9" w/3.55 gears, twin front mount s366's, and possibly a 150shot through a direct port setup. Car weighs roughly 3900-4000lbs
  2. Man if only this was posted 4 weeks from now. I doubt it will still be around, but if it is. I'll definitely take it
  3. So i'm trying to figure out what the difference is between a 2011-2014 cradle vs 2015+ 392/hellcat rear cradles? Ive tried searching the web but had no luck. I recently purchased a used Ford 9" conversion off a hellcat Challenger. I seen on the DSS website that the rear end works for Hellcats and 392's. But was trying to figure out if its something that can just be fabbed to work on a pre-2015 car or if i have no other option then to swap cradles.
  4. The cell is a bit too small considering I still street my car. Are you willing to part ways with everything else minus the cell?
  5. What size fuel cell is that and is the magnafuel pump e85 compatible?
  6. Hmm 🤔🤔 I was literally just looking at one of these
  7. Any pictures of the Aeromotive gauge? I'm in michigan as well
  8. i have a 5.7 fuel pump out of my 2013. The car only had 27k on it I dont have the basket or hat for it though
  9. I have a 3" slp on the car right now. But figured I could save a bit of weight with running turndowns after the mids and get rid of the catback. I just dont want to lose any power down low by doing so
  10. Do stroker motors love it or hate it? Was thinking of going with turn downs, but wasnt sure if i would gain or lose power in doing so
  11. I have a set of rear adjustable swaybar endlinks. Never been installed.. Brand new they run 189.99, Im looking for $150 shipped. My loss, your gain. Pictures are from the website since I didnt have any pictures of the set on my computer. Would gladly be willing to send pictures though. SOLD
  12. I had to use two driver seat planted brackets unless I was sent the wrong year. But you should be able to just buy them direct from planted
  13. Timing assembely - 65 5.7 Shortblock - 1350 5.7 camshaft - 80 5.7 AC pulley - 125 belt tensioner - 50 fuel pump - 65 factory air box - 65 factory driveshaft - 100 factory 3.06 diff and axles - 400 stock springs and struts - 100 Feel free to shoot me a pm if you need any pictures. Shipping and paypal fees are on buyers end.
  14. Intake and throttle body have been sold! Im located in the metro detroit area in Michigan
  15. Oh no way, Craig Thiabeau was the one who recommended me to go with the 1 piece