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  1. Imagine he will find this a more informative Forum and one where folks are more willing to help out!!!??!!
  2. Thanks , Goehner, he has contacted me , so really appreciated your help. I will hopefully be able to fill in some gaps on the history of his Hurst Challenger?!
  3. When you can get a base Scatpack under 40K , why would anyone want to sink good money in that --- it will always be on a salvage title , so value will be in the toilet forever.
  4. You may be Sybil, but knowing the vehicles you have and I hear handle quite well, I would have to say , you obviously have a big set of ovaries,ha! The work on the Supercharger has been going on for awhile, and anything Arrow Racing does is not just well done it is stellar!!!
  5. Kevin Lapis - newcomer from the Buffalo , New York area.
  6. Well thanks , Stevo, I think you have made two very important points!
  7. Anyone who might know Kevin Lapis he is trying to contact me about some questions on a Hurst Challenger he purchased and I am likely the only person in the US that can answer his concerns --no ego, I just sold the car and we did over 3/4ths of all the sales. The Forum he is asking a question on will not let me post as we no longer sponsor them. So even on a personal level I can not PM him or try to assist him in answering questions on his Black Competition Plus Hurst. So if anyone has run into this fellow Challenger owner steer him to the Modern MoPar site --shoulda been here anyway, ha. Sincerely, Bill Pemberton
  8. Just North of Omaha, in Blair, and have three Chrysler Products in the garage - all modern. Have not joined the local Club yet, but have been invited by a couple of friends in another Club I am in.