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  1. Total kit for non lowered 6 speed. Brand new, never installed. $400.00 plus shipping.
  2. Razor's edge triple gauge pod for Charger, Brand new never installed, black. Vey close match to OEM interior. Made from Oem pillar. $150.00. Pm me if you have any questions.
  3. Thanks all who responded!
  4. I have a six speed, Why not the Cobra rims? What would you recommend?Thanks
  5. I have a question on fitment for a 2014 SRT8 Challenger. Will part # 28084 American Muscle rims fit? Thanks.
  6. Thanks
  7. Mine says 19.
  8. Installed a Procharger on my 2014 SRT8 Challenger. I know there is a known issue with the recovery tank puking when driven hard. Anyone have the stant part # for the higher psi cap?
  9. All it takes is Money.
  10. Thanks for all the responses, Come to find out it's included in the kit. Better be for all that $$$.
  11. In the Middletown area.
  12. Does anyone have a pinning tool that I could borrow? Shipping to and from Conn of course be paid by me. Installing a D1SC kit on a 2014 SRT8 in early Jan. Thanks
  13. Thanks Thanks
  14. 2014 challenger Srt8. I actually followed your video. we compressed the axles and measured them. how much longer is the other side?
  15. So this is a common thing with these axles??