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  1. I inquired about it before and the ebay shop told me that it will only fit on hemi and 5.7.
  2. Sounds like you want to improve the sound and performance of your ride. Consider adding headers as well.
  3. My buddy has Falken Ziex S/TZ04 with these sizes 265/50-20 and 295/45-20 on his wk1.
  4. Looks good and a better idea instead of removing the stickers which can be a PITA especially if you have cloth visors.
  5. Just open the one you find up to the 73mm using a die grinder. Then smooth them using a sanding roll.
  6. I like using Folex in removing stains. It won't leave any residue and no need to rinse off.
  7. Don't forget to check out ebay or craigslist for a set of used Option5 rims.
  8. I'm looking to buy the Oracle halo headlights since the sales rep from http://4wheelonline.com/oracle-lights.247163 is giving me a good price. Does anyone have one? They also have the halo rings but I'm worried about cracking the headlight assembly in the process. I'm curious about the quality and fitment of the Oracle pre-assembled headlights. Thanks guys.
  9. Looks good. I'm planning to tint my headlights also. Can you post night pics with the headlights turned on?
  10. Any update? What product did you use? I saw this Thermo-tec on the net and looks like they have good heat shield products.
  11. You can buy a repair kit but it may not look good. You can also bring it to a local upholstery shop to know what they can do about it.