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  1. Packing up and rolling in the morning. See everybody there!
  2. Looking to add gearing and to upgrade from the stock unit. Anything I should be concerned about swapping this into the 300C hardware-wise? I want to make sure I don't have to shell out a couple hundred extra dollars in extra parts, or at least know what I'm getting myself into. http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-11-12-13-14-DODGE-CHALLENGER-CARRIER-ASSEMBLY-122223-/221913247267?hash=item33ab0f6e23:g:bW4AAOSw14xWHbFc&vxp=mtr
  3. Ok, I've let this one sit long enough. To catch up, there really wasn't much advancement between the last post and now. The 400ci was almost a complete waste...only the bare block, valve covers, and oil pan were savable. Add in that the 727 automatic that I had needed a complete rebuild, and I needed to source an 8 3/4 from a 1968-70 B-body, and I've backed off of the big-block idea. Since then, the Imperial has provided shade and wind protection for my backyard garden while I pondered the next move. Right now I'm looking at Gen-3 swapping it. I know at least two guys who have done it for an FMJ car, and one guy who draped Dodge Mirada sheetmetal over what was left of a Dodge Charger SRT8. Right now, I'm just doing my homework on costs for parts. I've considered finding an insurance auction car for the entire drivetrain and electronics, but I haven't made my mind up yet.
  4. There's some interesting goings-on at the house. I have a need for a running 5.7, with all of the electronics: everything engine, dash, fuel, all of it. Parts car? Going for that Arrington block? I don't need built, stock will be fine, and I don't care about VVT or MDS. Trans would be a plus. Just looking to see if anyone needs to clean out their garage before I go hunting on Copart for a wrecked Hemi car for it's running gear. Let me know what you have, and please...give me a price. I don't do that guesswork thing.
  5. Just curious, Wes: did you get any shots of the Gold Brick heading down the track?
  6. The one thing I keep reading is that it's only 80% disabled and cycles off with the key. That I'm trying to avoid...if the 300 is going to be on dyno rollers a lot, I'd just as soon cut it completely instead of risking a round with limp-home mode, which would require unloading the car off of the dyno, driving it around, and re-loading it.
  7. After a dyno run and discussion about tuning with a shop owner, I'm looking into either NoESP or the "toggle switch mod" for my 300. I want to completely and fully disable the ESP and traction control, but I cannot afford to piss off the PCM or any system involved. Can I get some insight on your experiences?
  8. Honestly, I was slacking this year. I could've done more, but I ended up doing more driving than normal. And apologies if I forgot to include the record, I'll add that into the story this weekend once I'm back from Somerset. Honestly, the last couple of weeks have been a blur. Glad everybody is happy with the coverage!
  9. Dude, I'm just winging it myself! The fact that you put this thing together and have kept it going for seven years speaks volumes. All I did was live up to my word: be the slowest V8 car at the strip!
  10. That ain't no shit. First time I heard that car go down the track an old instinct kicked in and I started to look for cover.
  11. Absolutely. The weather was a PITA but all things considered, everything went pretty much flawlessly.
  12. Only thought I had concerned how fast Friday's racing got shut down, esp. when the weather broke as we were loading cars onto trailers. Don't know if there would've been enough time to run the MSHS series on Friday, but that's it. You've got CF down to a science, and it works well.
  13. Just send them to mctaggart@bangshift.com, and be sure to put your name down...I want to give credit where it's due!