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  1. My wife has a convertible mustang GT, with the top up it is quiet and warm. My self i wouldnt have purchased my challenger in a convertible even if it had been available .
  2. Really awesome!!! Congrats!!
  3. Havent had any issues with mine. I am the only owner has 33000 miles on it. Did the airbag recall and had the window seal replaced (the replacement never cracked again)
  4. Happy Birthday Stevo!!!
  5. Checked the sunroof drains, seem to both flow into the fender area and cant find seem to see them leaking either.(have the trim off the A piller on the passenger side
  6. Its not the AC vent line, but that is pretty close to what my floor looks like, doesnt look like it is the sunroof, vent lines clear, headliner dry, fire wall is dry, B piller is dry...
  7. The passenger side floor is wet in my wifes 300, it looks like it is the AC vent line is plugged. Do i have to remove the dash to clear out the line Thanks Matt
  8. I added brake controller (factory) and a hitch to mine. 2014 ram 4x4 sport with 3.21 gears. For what i need it works. The price was right and adding the controller wasnt a big deal.
  9. I didn't have the tow package either. I had the hitch added and the factory brake controller added. Wasn't a big deal
  10. Congratulations! !!!!
  11. I might have a few.....(5 plus the work jeep) and a Mustang too. Im sure in time ill get used to it. It is just different, in a few months i wont even notice. Everything else i have has a center shift so i dont know where to rest my hand
  12. Yeah I know what you mean, i dont know if i will ever get used to the dial. I am finding it just strange.
  13. Thanks. I know i loved my dakota too, it was a good truck. Yeah 8 speed with the Hemi. So far i am really impressed with it.
  14. After owning my Dakota for many years decided it was time to replace it. Bought a new 2014 ram sport.
  15. Awesome!! Congrats!