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  1. My 5.7 and 6.4 both had the hemi tick from the start, I've had the Hellcat block for about a year and just developed a slight tick on the drivers side. I don't hear the tick until the engine is at operating temperature, while parked if I press the gas the tick goes up with RPM until the exhaust drowns it out. I don't have any performance loss and didn't see any real knock when I did my last data log. The shop that did the install said they don't think it's anything to worry about. Anyone have ideas on what the noise could be? I don't want to tear into the engine if I don't have to, the plan was to upgrade to a whipple this winter.
  2. I don't doubt the numbers based on your results and what other stock cats are putting down, but why don't the HP and TQ lines cross at 5252RPM? It looks like Y-Axis scales are the same for both HP and TQ.
  3. 3" Kooks exhaust sounds good also, if you can find someone close by to hear in person I would.
  4. I happy for you, but posts like this keep reminding me I should have jumped out of this Scat into a Cat before the last round of upgrades, thinking my last upgrade will be going to a slick to see what a 1.6 sixty foot does for my ET.
  5. Are you running a slick or radial ? Awwesome times
  6. Hasn't the long intake runners on Edlebrock always produced more low end torque at the sacrafice of some upper rpm power?
  7. Steve White did my original Maggie install and used Arrington. when I had the Hellcat shortblock installed Steve White used A2Speed and I think that's who does there tuning.
  8. I got to see an Eforce 2650 on the dyno at A2Speed when I dropped my car off a while back, it made so much torque, i think you'll be happy with the choice...
  9. Awesome run, that 60 foot is sick!
  10. That's what I heard from another performance shop while at Rockingham this past weekend.
  11. Don't want to derail this thread, but last night at Rockingham I was talking with a local performance shop and they said Arrington was being sold.
  12. Arrington isn't the only show in Martinsville, if you haven't contacted A2Speed give them a shout.
  13. I've never replaced the rears shocks on my Challenger, but A2Speed told my they didn't need to drop the rear cradle for coilovers to be installed.
  14. I had A2Speed install their adjustable coilovers on my car a couple of weeks ago, these are noisier than stock, but the improved performance and adjustability makes it worth it to me... my girl on the other hand gives me shit everytime we go somewhere.
  15. If the 4.5 Whipple is using the elecrically controlled bypass then it should have fairly good street manners I would think, at least better than a big KB where the bypass is just looking for vacuum.