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  1. The engine is in 300 SRT8 (2006)....Hydrolocked trying to go through a puddle of water (which couldn't be avoided) or at least I thought so at the time. Luckily, I was at a snail's pace and the block sustain no damage. I’ve NEVER had a problem with my insurance company; they deposited $16K in my bank account....well, $13....had to buy the car back for 3 grand. That, in turn help produced a blown 419 stroker.
  2. THANK YOU SIR!!!! Although we definitely don't need a block heater here in TX... It just amazes me that the dealer did not know that. I did not re-use any of the head bolts…Replaced with ARP studs. I really appreciate your assistance.
  3. Hydrolocked my engine a few months ago. At the advice of insurance adjuster, the dealer removed heads to determine the extent of damage. Results: 1 broken piston rod. I have zero confidence in the dealers around my neck of the woods due to previous incidents. Therefore, I decided to rebuild myself. I found a bucket of bolts in my passenger seat (removed by the dealer). All items removed by me were labeled/tagged and bagged. Unfortunately I need held identifying what goes in the hole on the D/S of the engine near the trans (pic attached)…..Went to the dealer today; the 3 gentlemen and 1 young lady at the parts counter stated they don’t have a clue….. Any help is greatly appreciated.