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  1. 1500+hp here. Been using billet mains for years with a stock crank. We fo billet mains for anything over 1000hp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. X2 on R1's and Stoptech. Stops my Jeep from the upper 160's no problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I ran out of fuel at 865rwhp on a deadhead twin 255 setup with 80# injectors in my Jeep on a turbo setup back when I was stock block. Twin 400's and 1000cc injectors return systems we'd run out at about 1200rwhp. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N930A using Tapatalk
  4. Freakin' BEAST guys. Great job to everyone involved. Can't wait to see what this thing will end up running this year. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  5. C16 is enough for the BRICK.
  6. We have turbo Jeeps out there with 30K and 40K miles on them. Precisions hold up just fine on the street. Love my ProMod 94mm.
  7. I'm not standing up for anyone John. It was said that my tranny broke vs Bill and it didn't. That's all I'm saying. The whole theft thing fucking sucks. 100%. I hope that the Tout's do get their transmission back or paid for it. IMO, it should be paid for vs given back. John and Linda, did y'all know the tranny was going into the Purple Car or did it just happen to magically appear in it? John I told you that I thought the whole situation was fucked up when you first told me about it. My thoughts still haven't changed about the situation. We've had issues with both companies Transmissions. Truth is, the Nag1 sucks. If we could access the electronics, it think it would be a better transmission for power levels below 1000rwhp. Anything over 1000rwhp needs a 400. That's why I made the switch. Got tired of rebuilding them and still having converter issues constantly. You know what's ironic, my 400 broke first time out too. . Lost 2nd. Issue was resolved. Mistake on the builders part.
  8. Trans didn't break John. My Pro Torque converter broke. When I sent it back to Joe at PT, he was the one who told me the clutches were melted together. I'm not saying I haven't had my share of tranny issues. I have. Just saying during the grudge race, the transmission did not break, the converter did. That's all I'm saying. I've nuked plenty of clutches in Nag1's. That's why I kept sending them back for refreshes. That's how I kept finishing race after race. I had them rebuilt quite often.
  9. I sent the tranny back on my own, not bc they broke. In fact, I only truly broke one transmission. That was at Darlington when I broke the input shaft. I sent my transmission back for inspections and refreshes. When you're making 1300+rwhp, a Nag1 isn't good for very long. That's what it takes at that hp level to finish races. A new fresh tranny every two races. Look, I'm not here to get into a pissing match or beat on Bill or defend him. I'm just stating what I did with my transmissions. My Jeep made 1140 at 20psi on the dyno and I ran 27-28psi at the track. I made 33rwhp approx per psi of boost. Do the math. We've got a few customers that have had no issues, and a few that have had issues. Marcus is still running the same tranny for 3 seasons now. The Nag is a pos for big power. It's no secret. You can put big ol fake tits on an ugly ass chick and in the end, she's still an ugly ass chick. You can't really consider my Jeep the norm either. I tested a lot of stuff for Bill. We tried different things to see how they would work. Once he built a VB that I loved, yes I kept it. I didn't want it changed or messed with. It's the same VB that snapped a regular input shafted tranny in Thomas' Jeep on the dyno on a 4-5 shift by mistake. With the 300m shaft, it worked pretty damn good. Just my experiences..... do I blame Bill or Paramount for shifting issues with a 1300+rwhp build, no. I blame an electronically controlled tranny that we can't access the electronics. As for other peoples issues, that's between y'all and Bill. I just wanted to clear the air about the converter breaking against Bill, not the tranny.
  10. For the record...... my tranny did NOT break vs Bill at VMP. My converter melted all the clutches together. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  11. Our 2 Step isn't designed to be a no lift shift. The RPM's have to drop 1000 RPM's below the set point to arm itself again. There's safety built into it. Thanks for the compliments guys. To install it the "right" way it should be soldered and will take a smidge of time. Hell, Dwight has installed one at the track in 20mins doing it the quick way.
  12. I've got serious snail skills. Yeah when we put my 94mm next to a 76mm like I have, I about shit myself. I always thought the 76's were kinda big. Now it looks like it belongs on my keychain!! No investment really. They're all sold. Exhaust enters through the bottom which then spins the turbo. The exhaust wheel is connected to the inlet wheel. The exhaust goes out the back of the turbo. The inlet wheels sucks air in the front of the turbo and whooshs it out the top outlet. N20?!?! Who needs that shit?
  13. Just what BBoy needs..... a bigger head!
  14. So we've got a few turbo's in stock and I figured I'd do a little photoshoot for fun. Enjoy. Sizing is..... 62mm, 67mm, 76mm, 88mm, and my 94mm 94mm on left and 88mm on right 94mm on left and 88mm on right 88mm on left and 76mm on right 76mm on left and 67mm on right 67mm on left and 62mm on right 94mm, 88mm, 76mm, 67mm, 62mm
  15. No such thing as "over powered"!!! It'll be a little bit before it goes on. I want to run one or two races with the new engine and old turbo before making the jump up to the Unlimited class. My guess is it'll be on for the second VMP race or Ohio. No big balls really, just trust in your tuner. Haha. Come to the dark side man. Once you go Jeep, you'll never sleep! It'll haul your kids and ass! There's definitely more room in the engine bay for goodies.