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  1. Your car Alan? Yowzaaa!!
  2. Congrats...great runs! That beast is going to be unbelievable with decent air.
  3. Those Jeeps are the best! I'm gonna get one when your money tree blows some $$$$ to Pa. Blue, just like yours. I didn't realize your Challenger was broken...what happened? Hope it's nothing serious.
  4. That is exactly what my car did. Turns out the trans was slipping a little on the 2-3 shift. In went an SHR trans, and the problem was gone,
  5. "the guy posted racist comments and then called another person a racist with acknowledging that he himself is a racist." The "guy" will gladly admit to HATING EVERY FUCKING MUSLIM in the world. And to HATING THE WORST FUCKING RACIST this country has ever known. obama the asshole. If hating a certain "so called" religion makes me racist...to bad. But remember, I hate white, black, yellow, and whatever other color muslims breathe in. Not sure that makes me a racist, just a muslim hater. And yeah, I'd hate obama if he was all white, instead of half white and half shit. So blow me.
  6. And why is that? I'm not a camel humping, muhammed dick sucking asshole. Apparantly YOU are.
  7. Fucking muslims have no place in this world. Every one of those camel humping, muhammed dick sucking assholes, men, women AND children should be choked with bacon and burned alive. Along with the worst muslim, racist bastard in the world, obama the cocksucker.
  8. "I never asked Rollbar for a contract and never said I did. My car has sat in two shops now since August last year for a build that really should have taken less than 2 months to do. There are shops that will work under performance based contracts and moving forward that's all I will use when it comes to my race car." I'm confused...You didn't ask for a contract, yet two sentences later you say you will only use shops that work under performance based contracts. Either way, good luck with your build, and I can't wait to see the videos of the 8 second runs the first time out.
  9. I"ll ship the money out on Friday...
  10. ^^^^If he didn't say which Christmas...you have no complaint.
  11. Fuck it, I'm keeping it. Works too damn well to get rid of. Thanks for all the inquires and interest. I'll see you special folks at Challengerfest 7, if I'm still alive.
  12. ^^^^That's Alan, the owner of this nuthouse. He's very special, but we all love him.
  13. When we got ours two years ago, he was very helpful. Last year, after 10% ethanol ruined the carb, he sold me one cheap. The little beastie is still running great, and the wheelies are non-stop.
  14. Yep. Talked to him 2 days ago. Thanks!
  15. Someone needs to steal this car. Make me an offer.