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  1. did you ever send pics, curious
  2. i got the Barton shifter ,Sweeeeeeet , im in Lisa
  3. thanks Speedy for getting shirts together got a few less this year, 1-3xl ......2- ... 2xls 1-....xl 4total
  4. so both sound bad then ....................??.
  5. is DSS or GFORCE perfomance drive shaft better
  6. ok double black black sounds good
  7. yes lisa is right i got 21 runs last year , sunday came around and hotlapped couple times
  8. Speedy i vote for T-shirts for cf8 black or dark blue , who is with me on this one
  9. got my rooms n paid for 2 for racing speedy, my nephew blaise wants #357 , i would like # 413 if you could we definitely want shirts thanks Semper Fi Mark
  10. back from the mile greaaaat time ,the gt with Texas mile record of 279.9 i think . broke that now 280.1mph ,Lisa Chuck n Me held the fort down
  11. thats what i was guessing Dale
  12. speedy can you change 1 lg to 1 med , thanks
  13. ordered 5 shirts (1) 3xl,(2)2xl, 2 large thanks Speedy
  14. i will try to do good with HC not done much racing ,i was at texas mile in oct,only 179.1 there
  15. neighbors think but We know Speedy!!