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  1. Thanks for info. Challenges are a 3:09 rear end in auto vs 3:91 in stick. What the heck do you do with 8 gears? Anyone know what the 6.4 run at the track stock?
  2. Just a few pic's of 64 car is for sale.

    64 battery.jpg

    64 dash.jpg



    1. StevoHemi


      Wicked.... I dig it.....



  3. Hey where's all the old guys? Sold my 2010 plum crazy, ran 10.50's after build and a AJ's tunes. Bought and built 1964 dodge Polara Max wedge 426 with cross ram nice. Now I want a 2018 392 Challenger TA 392 plum crazy. What's the story auto or 6 speed? Did AJ break the code on the 6.4's so it can be tuned. I know a lot of questions. Good to be back. Bill
  4. thanks hemi 31 We'll have to see about 11's
  5. Don't know how they sound on a new challenger. But DOUG's electric cutouts on my 64 dodge max sound great and don't leak. You need 2 1/2 exhaust though and tune for them .
  6. With a shaker probably can't put a blower on it? Right
  7. got to buy it first . great to hear some familiar voices. good luck in detriot
  8. Ok guys sold my 2010 RT now running 10:40s and street able. Bought a 1964 dodge polara 426 max. BORING and HOT. Selling and buying a 2016 RT 392 shaker scatpac. Give me the pros and cons. What do these these cars run in the 1/4. thanks
  9. Sold to another MMF member. He can tell you who he is. good luck all in this season. This old dog is fading a way.
  10. Just dropped the price to $30,000 tell your friends this is a steal. Over 60,000 invest all build sheets and documents to include original window sticker. 3 tunes by AJ Berge with data logs. Thanks
  11. Since build only 4200 miles on engine, trans and drive train. I only ran the Mopar races. Less than 25 passes on the car. Last year made 3 passes at Monster Mopar Norwalk. Drove to the track 152 miles lowered tires to 17# ran consistent 10.69 10.70. Car hasn't been out of garage this year other than to detail and change the oil. Give me a call if interested.
  12. Nice Bike Robocop. Thanks for spreading the word. Extras with the car are the 4 stock RT classic wheels with Goodyear tires like new, stock hood and stock 3:92 axles.
  13. Thanks guys good luck running this season. no buyers yet.