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  1. The 6 speed is retired from racing. I am too hard on the car and I just recently got the drivetrain all updated and car feels awesome now. Not gonna beat it up anymore. So yes I will bring my burrito eating machine but it will not be stock ;-)
  2. You guys are all slow
  3. Nice job. I buy all my braided hose from Wirecare.com. They have every color and style of braided hose covers for radiator hoses and wire harnesses. Very quality material and good prices. You can also get hose ends that make it look like real braided hose. Here are some pics of what I did with their products.
  4. No problem. Got the parts today but probably won't get around to installing until March. I hope you're running Drag slicks like 17" Hoosiers. DR's are tough on 6 speeds.
  5. Except for the tune I do all my own work on my cars so I will be changing the pulley. And I am really hoping to rip a 9.99 Hope to find out at CF8! BTW nice time with a stick car. I know how challenging that can be.
  6. Thanks Ivorycat. That 10.78 was with an aluminum DS and 3.09 gear. Otherwise car is stock. But I just ordered a 2.85 upper pulley and ID1000 injectors.
  7. I caught him sleeping at the line
  8. I added this to my car when I cranked up the boost to 15 psi (Kenne Bell blower). Car was uncontrollable without it. My tuner did a nice job calibrating and car is much more controllable. He already gave you his advice.
  9. Warm up for CF8. This was a great race and I know Jay will want to get even but I will be running a little bit faster at CF8 http://vimeo.com/197820288 IMG_4606.mov
  10. Beautiful build Sam. I watched a couple of your runs and when you were finally getting it dialed in I was amazed how smooth it launched and then just continued to pick up speed. Wow.
  11. Awesome pic Wes. Thanks bud! This was taken on Friday since I had my GoPro only on that day. My Challenger is more of the show car but I like racing this car more. Still can't get over driving it there bolting on DR's and ripping off 10.80 times. Cats are amazing.
  12. Had a great time as usual. I wish we could push the weekend to 2nd or 3rd week in April. Weather is so iffy in early spring and it was so cold all 3 nights that most did not even hang out in the parking lot. I come from the North and it was a really scary ride home in a snow storm Sunday on summer tires. But logistically everything went really smooth for such a large event.
  13. This is how you go fast . From a converted 6 speed guy.
  14. I want my money back from BC. They advertise them as coil overs.
  15. Another great event and as usual they keep getting better. Met a bunch of new folks and was great getting together with a lot of our longer time friends. You do an awesome job Jay and of course the rest of the regulars like Lisa, Chuck, Kevin, Phil, Dianna, Melena, Greg, and the many others that help out and Dan is quite the funny guy. Congrats to all the show winners and those that hit new PB's (big thanks to Erik for the burnout tip, got me a new PB as well). The charitable contributions from this group (and sponsors) for the Vets and Tommy are outstanding. Awesome folks. Our grudge race was the highlight of my weekend Jay. Wish it was with my 6 speed car but I am now converted . Will post up the video Linda took.