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  1. I think we may see you there🙂
  2. Well better him than you!
  3. We would love to see you TF and your new 💗. It has been a while.
  4. FB link https://www.facebook.com/events/251810785459713/. I also shared it to your timeline on fb.
  5. I jave SGMP on our calendar as well. A pre CF10 warmup?
  6. Should be $0.01/year.
  7. Amy Coney Barrett would be a good one 😇
  8. From all the fb post I saw, looks like you had a crowd! Congrats on a successful event!!
  9. Glad you, Ms GG, and your home made it through!!
  10. Even the more complicted ones are a blast to fly around. I knew you would cave and buy one eventually!!
  11. Glad you fared so well! At least one of your MSHS crew has a lot of repair work on his home ahead of him, once he gets home.
  12. Hey GG, you still there ?
  13. I pray you and Ms GG will be OK and it will not be bad where you are. As Chuck said we were out a month for Katrina and had no real damage just no power.
  14. When Katrina hit the coast, one of my former boss’ house was just a block off the beach. All that was left was the slab. This was a beautiful 2 story brick hime that had been reinforced for hurricane force winds. But there is no way to prepare for 10’s of feet of water and the damage it can do. Another boss’ house was farther inland. His first floor was 18’ above sea level. He had water in his first floor. It had to be completely redone. Yes it was 18’ off the ground and it was not safe from storm surge. Everything from the beach to the railroad tracks, which was miles inland, was leveled, and all the debris was deposited on the train tracks. In one location the storm surge picked up the tracks and twisted them where they looked like a picket fence. Can you imagine the force of water it takes to do that when you are a couple miles from the beach. The weather forecasters are not wrong when they say this one may be the worst of Katrina and Harvey combined. Storm surge, wind, followed by up to 30” of rain. This is not a storm to mess with. You do not want to be home when it passes because it will take a month or longer to START the clean-up from this one. Katrina hit the end of August. I remember driving back from Tennessee after Thanksgiving and it was so surreal driving through New Orleans on the interstate and most sections of the city still had no power 3 months later. Yes completely black where you knew there were homes and businesses. And yes I am telling you this to scare the hell out of you. Don’t stay. It will not be a pleasant experience. Call your insurance company. They will probably pay some sort of per diem for expenses while you are gone if your area is hit.
  15. I gave him something in his color scheme to think in https://www.facebook.com/alan.pederson.3/posts/10212594496119230?comment_id=10212594525959976&reply_comment_id=10212594547120505&notif_id=1535339611657553&notif_t=feed_comment