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  1. All the delivery services are messed up here. We receive stuff that is not out for delivery according to the on line status, and stuff that is our for delivery, the staus changes to available for pick up, then gets delivered the next day. I have even gotten stuff that does not show shipped. Go figure.
  2. That is beautiful! I will not have a problem getting that to raise premo deneros!
  3. Belated Merry Christmas guys!
  4. And a Demon to auction so bring your money ladies and gents!
  5. Awesome, right! Spread the word!! Who wanted a Demon that did not get on the list?
  6. Nothing compares to a Speedy’s Garage Video!
  7. Awesome ! Great to hear everything worked out so well!
  8. On fb somewhere they said theirs was the only one made in the US, I was rolling my eyes.. WTF like Mani’s are not better made!
  9. That is SO AWESOME Linda! Congrats to you, HHP and the entire team that made this happen!!!
  10. Looks like my hubs posted pics of our set up before you made your selection, though we have replaced all the Billetech pieces with black which looks way better, and our motor is slightly larger so our hp and tq are different, but glad to see your build progressing to the point you can enjoy it now! I just had to give you a hard time about the black car comment
  11. Red is the fastest color, just saying, from a redhead, sorta.......
  12. Is this from the official dates of April 13-15, 2018?
  13. I thought you would like it
  14. ^This! Don't take any chances especially if you live on the coast. This one looks to be a doozy