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  1. The point was the uniqueness, like an 8 sec car, not that it was an 8 sec car. I guess I need to go back to staying off the forums as my thinking is not quite as linear as everyone else.
  2. I meant the one for sale.
  3. Did you tell him at least one Demon would be there?
  4. I am not ready yet! Scratch that. I am no where near ready yet!! Anyone have a cloning machine?
  5. Gray, my fav, I have a hard time screwing that up in the laundry!!
  6. It was fun. Glad we were there!
  7. Just FYI, while the forcast looks good the humidity is expected to be in the 80-95% range which will make the nights and shaded areas cooler than you might expect. So plan on long sleaves and jackets for late afternoons and evenings just in case.
  8. We will be there. It will be so awesome to see you again!! There are supposed to be 5 Demons coming. Our friend Craig in Arizona is sick or it would be 6 :(. I have my new HHP Top Cat shirt. With you there I have tripple the number of reasons to wear it!
  9. Oh, the heels are indispensable!
  10. That was from 2011. I have a 11.2 sec slip now, so.....yeah seat time helps
  11. All the delivery services are messed up here. We receive stuff that is not out for delivery according to the on line status, and stuff that is our for delivery, the staus changes to available for pick up, then gets delivered the next day. I have even gotten stuff that does not show shipped. Go figure.
  12. That is beautiful! I will not have a problem getting that to raise premo deneros!
  13. Belated Merry Christmas guys!
  14. And a Demon to auction so bring your money ladies and gents!