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  1. It was fun. Glad we were there!
  2. Just FYI, while the forcast looks good the humidity is expected to be in the 80-95% range which will make the nights and shaded areas cooler than you might expect. So plan on long sleaves and jackets for late afternoons and evenings just in case.
  3. We will be there. It will be so awesome to see you again!! There are supposed to be 5 Demons coming. Our friend Craig in Arizona is sick or it would be 6 :(. I have my new HHP Top Cat shirt. With you there I have tripple the number of reasons to wear it!
  4. Oh, the heels are indispensable!
  5. That was from 2011. I have a 11.2 sec slip now, so.....yeah seat time helps
  6. All the delivery services are messed up here. We receive stuff that is not out for delivery according to the on line status, and stuff that is our for delivery, the staus changes to available for pick up, then gets delivered the next day. I have even gotten stuff that does not show shipped. Go figure.
  7. So I ram across the bendor who does these color hanging signs cutsom designed and henis will to wornwith us an a price for ine for thrnauctiom ours would be a full American flag, not tattered edge, with the Mopar M and the words "For all who serve" worked into the design as well. It would be framed. I thought it would be cool to hand in a garage since lighted sighns see, to go over well in the acution. I will post pics once he gets the design to a stage I can show you. Do you all think this would be of interest to the bidders?
  8. That is beautiful! I will not have a problem getting that to raise premo deneros!
  9. Belated Merry Christmas guys!
  10. And a Demon to auction so bring your money ladies and gents!
  11. Awesome, right! Spread the word!! Who wanted a Demon that did not get on the list?
  12. Nothing compares to a Speedy’s Garage Video!
  13. Awesome ! Great to hear everything worked out so well!
  14. On fb somewhere they said theirs was the only one made in the US, I was rolling my eyes.. WTF like Mani’s are not better made!
  15. That is SO AWESOME Linda! Congrats to you, HHP and the entire team that made this happen!!!
  16. Looks like my hubs posted pics of our set up before you made your selection, though we have replaced all the Billetech pieces with black which looks way better, and our motor is slightly larger so our hp and tq are different, but glad to see your build progressing to the point you can enjoy it now! I just had to give you a hard time about the black car comment
  17. Red is the fastest color, just saying, from a redhead, sorta.......
  18. Is this from the official dates of April 13-15, 2018?
  19. I thought you would like it
  20. ^This! Don't take any chances especially if you live on the coast. This one looks to be a doozy
  21. Envious over here! Would love a blue one but my RR sport is to new
  22. Very coo! The guy I have detail Gossamer has started doing a similar technicaue only he wraps the entire vehicle, not just the nose. He had given me a brochure on it it I do not remember the name. I do not rember it being 3M. He uses a glass coat product called 22pple. I don't think the Gtechniq was out at that time as it has been 6+ years. The 22 pple does have to be reapplied every 3 years or so but we do not have a garage and the air pollution living so near the river does a number on paint. The great thing about the glass and ceramic coatings are no more taping rear quarter panels at the track. A light wash and dry with a microfiber towel and all that rubber comes right off, no scrubbing required. Same for love bugs on the front grill. Water beads up nicely. Makes the car really easy to wash. He also has a product that he uses to coat the inside rim of the wheels so brake dust does not stick as easily. Chuck fusses a little at the cost, until he sees the car. Then he is like "Oh yeah, that is why I let you talk me in to this" It just looks so good, better than when he drove it home from the dealer. Chris also had his car ceramic coated but I do not remember what product was used.
  23. A note for the trivia buffs. Not all blocks of ice are the same size. I guess the cajun ones are smaller in one dimension than everywhere else in the country. So for a true cajun snow ball machine they have to trim the block of ice before they put it in the machine. Or at least that was the case in TX. Hot dogs look yummy and snow balls always go down smoothe on a hot day. Everyone have fun and please stay safe!
  24. Love it! Peach State ups the wow factor every time!