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  1. Have fun guys!! Be safe!!! We will all be down in Texas this coming weekend it's time to light this candle. Whoever wins that cooler I donated has to race me next year. Someone be sure to send me a pic. keep on keepin on bitches.... I should have told you that cooler was loaded with moonshine.. I should have told you that cooler was loaded with moonshine.. you bastard you said you were going to call me a month ago hello McFly you bastard you said you were going to call me a month ago hello McFlyWtf...double quote b*******. I did not do that essentially .. Wtf...double quote b*******. I did not do that intentionally.. Wtf...... damn echo in here Wtf...... damn echo in here
  2. All speculation ... Watch its in the 65 - 75k range if not why not buy a viper ....One could buy a SRT8 core and build a Hell Cat killer for 60k. 65k would consider it maybe and put an order in. If its over that no way would be nice to have an auto with paddle sift :)Not for 70k fuck that! Alot of us have Hellcats in our garage already..
  3. Freaking too Tempting Tim!!! Ty to Chuck for the heads up on this bad ass little deal ! Ammo costs to play with this bad boy may be the deal breaker for me though.. Trying to keep in the ball park of the 223 308 and 7.62x39 so Im not scattered all over the place for ammo ,and tatics. Great to see you hear Tim though we lost yah long ago hope all is going well.. Im gonna pop on a fhn SCAR if I wasnt this would be on my list as I passed on a bush master 50 cal just a month or so ago.
  4. Jack turned his car into a taxi ??? Really ??? God damn that man needs that engine !!
  5. Thats exactly what it is ...I like you dancing supa, ...NOt!!!!!!!!! You doing the Super Bowl Shuffle ROCKS!! I want to make a GIF of that is that possible SUPA?? More COWBELL Baby! Dam right buddy and call me this week ! It was great to meet yah heard alot about you .and you better be back !
  6. There wasnt room for anything but good times and seat time!! Cuz you know we all got the mIle fever bad.. I know the Colonel and Chuck and Lisa are hooked it only took a few puffs The days are long we start at 7am and go till 8-9pm every night! Couldnt be with a better crew ,and man Supa got us all hooked up WTB Supa! Jack with that beard was hilarious your one good fucker Jack a true brother to the core that goes for everyone ..Lisa is the excpetion she is a supa sister! Our lady luck. I have a slide show coming with some bad ass tune attached I will post it up this week you guys havent seen all the pics!! Some youll never see sadly ..Gave my word on that to the wife its her car and it wasnt my idea to have topless chicks at the photo shoot.. Hello.........Whammmmmmmmmmm! Frying pan to the head Just like Jethro had done to him on the Beverly Hillbillys....Ow.......ow......ow. its all good:) sort of . . Sorry for above posts they are from my phone and I used voice transcription while having a raunchy ass cold! Man looks like a John Lewis post, that first one forsure, jK....... fucker .. Made yah laugh though ..JL... Who wants to try and smack the Jap trap?? Step up ,,,cant promise it will still be stock...any takers?? LMAO....
  7. Really well for its short geared ass!! It is quick as shit!! Found that out and loved seeing what it had for me at the track..It was hairy man!! I spun the tires a bit off the line, cuz you know Im gonna look down that track and defy all logic and launch the thing at 4000 rpm!! Every damn time!! The other two GTR's there didnt lauch one was at 600 hp at the tires and there was a silver one owned by a guy named Henry that was about 900 at the wheels ran a 202 with out trying and he got his ass spanked for no cage..That car was sideways and launched maybe at 1500 rpm off the line! Best way to discribe it is its like a rocket sled! I swear its a bitch off the line then it plained out about the 3/4 mile mark I was in 6th gear...ugh!! Next time I paddle shift the thing ..and gotta get more boost it can handle 26 pounds on the stock internals and im running only 14 pounds from the factory. Had some great seat time 5 runs all balls out. Stock on 93 octane it ran 169,7at its best! Oh I had a case of beer and a bottler of rum and I think about 100 pounds of shit in my trunk,,,oops// Wife says I let off and didnt want to beat K1's 172.1 but I'd never do that ))) I just added weight to the thing, ... ... Ran great got home without a hitch!! You couldnt pry me from the wheel I did the whole trip every damn mile that damn thing is too fun to drive. Supa how was that launch buddy??? He he he ! Its the wifes call if we bump up the boost and add easily 200 ponies at the wheels its just a tune and drop those cats ! Its one sturdy little jap trap )) John Lewis.. cars dirty as shit and it is still the same in the garage as you had seen it.. The neighbors keep walking by every night ,and know Im crazy now!! I may store it that way ..Wife just laughs.. What a good sport she is letting me beat her pretty little pony at the Mile..I renamed it my Little Mule! For 5 days Donkey show is done for me its her baby ! You know it and its going in its little car bubble thingy haggered I fear! Man its dirty but it looks cool as shit! Always with this crew .. Shake it then you ....Bake it! More to come Hoss! March cant get here fast enough the wife and I need a vacation that trip was work baby!!
  8. We all shine at times )) OMG your right 53 pages and thats not all of em..Jap car Jap camera tactics.. Im sure someone got me acting a bit tarded as well The pics of Lisa were the best what yah all think?? I was blown away when I started going thru the pics! Lisa kicked bootyyyy at the Texas Mile!! We expected nothing less Ms Lisa! Oh and next time we run a car which wont be till I figure out what the hell Im building Sheri is going to run and will need some girl power advise,god know she never listens to me ,and I think we all know why that is , ..Ive come to realize Im just a crazy bastard is all.. Ty Lisa for all you do like I said your the other light of logic in my life at time ..Esspecially at these events! Cuz we so like to have fun dont we!
  9. Took all day to download here are all the pics well some of them.. Enjoy.. See yah all in March! http://s938.photobucket.com/user/Notsure01/library/Texas%20MileOct%202013 ^^^ Link to the album^^^^^ Click fast and its like a film strip.. TEAM SHAKE AND BAKE RULEZZZ!! LMAO! WTB Sammy!
  10. Videos just a few & much more to come..Stll loading as you all know PB sucks crank.. 50 miles from home after a 3500 mile round trip and almost got a big kiss from the man!! LMAO... Hello! In car launch video. Fucker is fun!! Supa Dave hows your back feeling buddy?? 0-60 in 100 feet was fun!!
  11. it's all about seat time..
  12. oh and I used voice transcription on my phone and have one hell of a cold so you can piece together what I said sorry for a few garbled sentences nothing out of the norm that I usually would post..
  13. guys its been a long time since I have posted here in a little bit busy my personal life however seeing this crew down in Texas was absolutely nirvana. team shake n bake grows stronger every year and tell me it wasn't cool hearing the announcer announced our team's name over and over again at the track. this crew gets stronger with every event way to be people way too freakin be I'm so proud of each and everyone of you. That goes for you mauls it was great seeing you down in Texas tell Matt we said hello first of all I want to give a big hello to Deb Wallace it was an honor to spend time with you and I'm glad we all made it home safe Chuck and Lisa you set the bar perfectly hi it was great to see those smiles on your faces..I'm honored to call people like you my friends and that will never change I couldn't believe the smile on chucks face all day I know he had it really bad what I saw the look in his eyes that goes for you too Lisa.. )) Dale it was an absolute pleasure carpooling in with you. you're a great guy.. Doug meeting you was an absolute honor I look forward to talking to you very soon on the phone. Sammy you're a true brother Carl you're as crazy as the day is long and I love you for every bit of that energy that you expel. the 200 mile in our jackets are simply an honor sir and have set everybody in motion way to do it karl. Sean conti I had no idea what an interesting guy you were I look forward to our future interactions beyond what you know. thank you as well Sean for the offer that you had made to us and some of the accommodations that you had pointed us towards I knew I was in good hands Hotel guru you are. Mike Doyle your the f****** man dude thank you for showing up at this event man did we have fun at dinner. To my very dear friend Jack n Super Dave thank you for all you did for me getting that car up to spec.Jack blk voodoo did very well you should be beyond happy! Kenny my brother seeing you and your family again was a treat beyond belief I just love your wife Monica she is a pistol. your son Allan is following right in his dad's footsteps you should be very proud and that Mustangs going to pop over 180 for sure next year. you want to know what it is its in everyone of you and what you do that motivates such actions I consider you all my mopar family till the end. like I told the lady luck miss Lisa at the track we are all so blessed. guys the Texas Mile is more addicting than anything I could ever imagine and I think a lot of others are finding that out next stop Bonneville and the Silver State race guys. a little heads up we've already booked accommodations down in Galveston before the march of vent in 2014 we will be attending as spectators this year and if I can pull it off I'll try and rent a Dodge Challenger. our plans are to roll in from Galveston area with Kenny and his family next year Thursday so who's in on this thing because once you do it there's no turning back. Sirius congratulations to all that made effort to be at this event living in a digital world things get a little bit of skew sometimes showing up in spending time with friends now thats a damn good analog time. I have a s*** ton of photos that I'm going to be sending out to certain individuals on memory sticks however I will be posting some as soon as my photobucket account has finished downloading them. wait to you see some of the action it was amazing. on one note the GTR ran consistently at 169 its best time was 169 .7 but we all know the cars running short gears it's more of a quarter mile car until we up the boost and that's pretty easy to do dropping those cats in putting a custom tune on the car will put it at 600 wheel horsepower and that's not even starting the process. now it's the wife's car so she going to be up to this that's the question however being at this event in seeing those other GTR's Run she is quite motivated and actually is thinking about buying a black one to put in the garage next to the white one and I think it's going to be a track edition. I have to give a big thank you to my wife who allowed me to take her brand new car down to Texas and compete in this event that sounds an awful lot about our level of trust with each other however that photo shoot at the end of the runway with those girlsif you were there you know what I'm talking about. may have ruffled feathers temporarily but she understood and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so what if there was a little bit of nudity. the whole time I was down there I was thinking where the hell are my friends.. sort of like that scene out of the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. things cool down quite sadly she is flying to Europe tomorrow for 2 weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday so we were on a very tight time schedule and I'm sorry I had to leave Sunday. so you guys were at the end of the runway for that photoshoot with the GTR's Aka pussy down there too. I still have a lump on my head from the wife..opps. Lmfao ..
  14. You know I'll be there you fruity bastards:)))))))) Texas Texas Texas....
  15. Flash Boil!! ........ Mike!! Were gonna party like its the f'ing 80's.. Everyone 20.00 bucks, ... Pay up now, ..