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  1. Bought time cum queen I agree with boatman do something about how ugly that f****** is. Loljk glad that Alpine transport was able to take care of you this time keep their number recorded in your contacts glad I could help you out ....again... Good luck .. looks like I'm going to be the sole survivor in the nation with a 392 stick at nine and a half pounds of boost on watermeth. place your bets now all you chatty pattys when it will pop.. Reality check time I got a ass kicking f****** tuner with a $3,000 shop time tune on the car.no I didn't pay that It can be done if done right..
  2. Most agreed leave it raw! Those welds are bad ass!
  3. Holy Tap Dancing Christ Rob! Nice Hogans,. Thats porn right there ,now your cooking with propane fucker good to see this day come for you!
  4. Ever since I dropped my phone in the toilet in China it's never been the same.. You should see some of the text messages I send my parents I'm lucky I'm still in there will.. Yeah I think its new phone time for me But it wasn't hard to connect the dots here was it Okay who's forgeing up for next year! I'm dreaming of an aluminum 426 stroked bored.. might have to wait till 2014 Obama got my ass this year again on capital gains.
  5. ... I was too lazy to go back and correct it. Fucking satanic droid phone I love it.. Wtf..
  6. Ellen great news I heard from you 11.1 there's no catching you keep it up buddy... I'll be happy playing in my little stick pile.. Autocorrect strikes again.. Your the fucking man Lakey...
  7. Nice prostie all over those welds ... Im surprised there isnt a welding rod sticking out a weld or two.. Busch league racing at its finest! Rob made one hell of a funny. See yah in 2 week Robarino.
  8. Holy hammer of thor I thought for a min that was J lewis's ride.. Thats like welding a fucking jack stand in for a support..wth. LMFAO. good stuff man
  9. Great info Jimmy sucks I have to change plugs asap when the car returns home good stuff here ...Perfect timing old wise one to post this shit up. I forgot theres some fun involved. Hey BTW: Stealerships want 350 for a plug change,.OW ..Ow .....ow....Hour and a half you say??Any special swivels needed for me ratchet!!??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh..
  10. Hell, now I want one! All the cool kids are doing it..Seriously I think Rob is gonna have one hell of a freaking good time hitting 190 plus out the back! Thats Close to lauching off an aircraft carrier deck in a car,thats fucking wicked shit...Callin Rob Maverick! Starring in the new all male movie TOP BUNK! JZ YOU DICK!!
  11. Funny you mention that his best friend Jeffy said the Fast and the Furious first movie was 1 of the best movies he has ver seen I shit you not he thought he was Toretto.. More like turdghetto.. That shit was way to rice for me.
  12. Gator!!
  13. I get a left handed boner seeing this shit!! Man your gonna have to shoe horn that bitch it ballsdeep! Thats a huge bitch!
  14. .. Wonder why.... It was a red letter day.
  15. keep it up Rob looks like were all building a bit I just came......................................................................