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  1. Have fun guys!! Be safe!!! We will all be down in Texas this coming weekend it's time to light this candle. Whoever wins that cooler I donated has to race me next year. Someone be sure to send me a pic. keep on keepin on bitches.... I should have told you that cooler was loaded with moonshine.. I should have told you that cooler was loaded with moonshine.. you bastard you said you were going to call me a month ago hello McFly you bastard you said you were going to call me a month ago hello McFlyWtf...double quote b*******. I did not do that essentially .. Wtf...double quote b*******. I did not do that intentionally.. Wtf...... damn echo in here Wtf...... damn echo in here
  2. We are all this guy,....Kenny . Fucking awesome film and content aimed right at us all..Cuz we all dont like being fucked with! Message runs deep..most likely not a realtiy for many, but man does it does hit home.. Its never to late to get it back! We rule!!
  3. LMAO So true, People gotta stop pointing fingers at Mike,as there were many involved in this gangbang over the past months.. Takes two to tango fuckers. It is what it is a racers forum, some people dont get that shit at all. GOTTA BE TOUGH IF YOUR GONNA BE DUMB!! Foxtrot Uniform Charle Kilo
  4. If one has an ass rest assured we will kick it,.. Thats a bench racers forum plain and simple.There is Ct and the Z for all others lets not turn this place into a pussified forum..please! "if you cant convince them,confuse them." HS Truman.
  5. I say we just pass the perverbial Mason Jar and bury this shit and move the fuck on! I personally will pretend to drink that shit only letting it lightly hit my bubblin lips. I digress... Remember fucksticks,,,,,,,, Some things cant be un-said amongst friends...Yeah were all freinds go figure..and shit has a way of working out. You all know I have had my share of this shit on CT back in the day Every fucking day,but the tactics used there cant be used here amongst friends, plus theres not enough of us to cut off heads except for Poolmans ....I say check your egos at the door "Cuz what we got here,,,,, is failure to communicate!" Or ejaculate pick one! Dont feel bad John I only counted 37 mizzpelled werds yah fucker.... Fuck were both products of public schools brother,no doubt. I'm on Ambien I think,,,,and most likely sleeping right now as I type this shit .. I here some of us chin dicks are heading to Texas soon!! This shit again but all faster this year! Some Mopar trader dick head is rolling a Rice a Roni Ringer(GTR) down to Texas.Oh boy! Is Sammy runnning? Will Karl show and add electricity to the crew..Hell yeah! Lisa is gonna not only tear up that coarse she is gonna get a taste of some serious bucket list shit? Will Jack put a Voodoo curse on himself and get arrested in Walmart for Crop Dusting old ladies in motorized scooters?Is GSO gonna show and take a shit? Kenny is sharpening up his spurs from what I hear so what the fuck is the problem here? Life goes on! Cuz yah know, all this is leading to us runnning in the Silver State Race in Ely Nevada to Las Vegas in years to come. Put up some good speeds, and hang with some old friends,you know shit is gonna go down. Sooo what the Fuck is this thread about ,but I do know ITz OOF TOPOC ,, John Lewis style...baby! Who cares about spelling or protocal. This is still MMF....which is by the way a shit swamp,but its our shit swamp ..to some degree.. Off topic alert!!! TEXAS FLOOD !!!
  6. Bought time cum queen I agree with boatman do something about how ugly that f****** is. Loljk glad that Alpine transport was able to take care of you this time keep their number recorded in your contacts glad I could help you out ....again... Good luck .. looks like I'm going to be the sole survivor in the nation with a 392 stick at nine and a half pounds of boost on watermeth. place your bets now all you chatty pattys when it will pop.. Reality check time I got a ass kicking f****** tuner with a $3,000 shop time tune on the car.no I didn't pay that It can be done if done right..
  7. Most agreed leave it raw! Those welds are bad ass!
  8. Holy Tap Dancing Christ Rob! Nice Hogans,. Thats porn right there ,now your cooking with propane fucker good to see this day come for you!
  9. .. Just the way I like it..
  10. You are hardcore!!
  11. we do chicken right!
  12. How many hours till CF5??
  13. Hey thats me,...