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  1. Most agreed leave it raw! Those welds are bad ass!
  2. Holy Tap Dancing Christ Rob! Nice Hogans,. Thats porn right there ,now your cooking with propane fucker good to see this day come for you!
  3. Great info Jimmy sucks I have to change plugs asap when the car returns home good stuff here ...Perfect timing old wise one to post this shit up. I forgot theres some fun involved. Hey BTW: Stealerships want 350 for a plug change,.OW ..Ow .....ow....Hour and a half you say??Any special swivels needed for me ratchet!!??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh..
  4. Hell, now I want one! All the cool kids are doing it..Seriously I think Rob is gonna have one hell of a freaking good time hitting 190 plus out the back! Thats Close to lauching off an aircraft carrier deck in a car,thats fucking wicked shit...Callin Rob Maverick! Starring in the new all male movie TOP BUNK! JZ YOU DICK!!
  5. Funny you mention that his best friend Jeffy said the Fast and the Furious first movie was 1 of the best movies he has ver seen I shit you not he thought he was Toretto.. More like turdghetto.. That shit was way to rice for me.
  6. Gator!!
  7. I get a left handed boner seeing this shit!! Man your gonna have to shoe horn that bitch it ballsdeep! Thats a huge bitch!
  8. .. Wonder why.... It was a red letter day.
  9. keep it up Rob looks like were all building a bit I just came......................................................................
  10. BOOM! Slippin tires when will Johnny Low Boost learn, .. 1st to 2nd watch me sink inthe seat and pop out like a turtle... Damn car was pulling like a team of draft horse's! Found this on a camera right before I almost deleted it.... TY to the shooter Dodgefan10.
  11. Nice to see this you needed this bad buddy!! Show that car no mercy! Street tires at Cf4 only produced at best a 12.9 for me shit was spinning way too much..Should have been in the mid-low 12's but thats life.. Im gonna break down and just buy some slicks and skinnies no more pussy footing around time to break shit!! Your on your way DSL! Dr's Next??
  12. Thinking about it buddy ..shit I just got unplacked from our last move a year ago. If this winter shit gets to me in the next few years Im heading south fuck this shit its snowing tonight here..22 degrees 20 mph winds enough to chap your ass just letting the dogs out.