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  1. Congrats on the cat J. I am assuming that the water was from a hose and NOT a drive in the rain? When I saw OK posted for sale my first thought was you pulled the trigger on a Muffstang. Glad to see you avoided the dark side. Enjoy it to the fullest!
  2. Gonna have to learn how to jerk off right handed now
  3. X3 If you're at or near max, it's time to step up.
  4. Miles on the truck?
  5. Maybe it's the same guy who fucked John and Linda out of their trans.....
  6. Get two queens and biggest dick sleeps alone
  7. Common connection between this motor and the one(s) that failed? The owner/driver
  8. No good?
  9. http://www.cnblocks.com/CNHemi/CNHemi.html
  10. Girls Rule! http://speedsociety.com/girls-rule-fastest-hellcat-charger-in-the-world-is-female-piloted/?gmg
  11. And so it begins....
  12. It actually $526,000+/unit. $100,000,000 proposal for 190 units...no shit http://www.startribune.com/minnesota-landmark-property-to-turn-into-affordable-housing/318217451/
  13. Chuck, you haven't said a word about your GOV....thoughts?
  14. That chick is going to blow up. Will be on Fox news soon.
  15. From the vendor point of view, when people ask me to put in a penalty clause for a completion date I always counter with a bouns for early completion to level the field. Nothing wrong with performance based contract when it comes to completion dates. ET depends on lots of variables....Tires, track prep, tempurature, DA, drivers skill, just to name a few. I would set up a penalty/bonus clause, say $100 plus or minus per hundreth capped at $5,000