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  1. Depending on the offset, you'll probably be fine. I'd go with a shorter tire though. That's nearly 31" tall
  2. Check Cleveland Pick-A-Part, that's who I bought my brembos from. They normally have everything needed (spindles and knuckles) for less than $1500.
  3. I'm sure making your own wiring harness wouldn't be too bad once you've already got the lights. I believe someone does have a prebuilt harness though, TrueStreetJim if I remember correctly?
  4. I've seen a few people with 2015+ tail lights that kept their 2008-2014 bumper cover. Not sure what all is involved, but it's definitely possible.
  5. Pretty sweet! You bringing her to CF8?
  6. Sounds like a fun trip! Drives like that are definitely made easier with someone else, especially if you can doze off for a few hours. My cousin and I made a straight trip from Pineville, LA to the NASCAR track in Las Vegas (with a "quick" stop at the Grand Canyon to do some sight seeing) last month in a 45ft motorhome hauling a Grand Cherokee on a 20ft trailer. Thankfully we only had to stop for fuel (perks of a motorhome), but I was beat after the 25hr+ drive since I had only gotten around 3hrs of sleep during the trip over. Enjoy the new hellcat though! I look forward to checking it out at CF8
  7. Thanks for the reminder! Just placed my order
  8. I'm still needing one and the host hotel would definitely be nice! How much? And what's the cancelation policy just in case something comes up? Hopefully I won't need it as I'm 99% sure I can make it, but it's peace in mind.
  9. Wish these would have been posted a few months back! Though they're probably too rich for my blood. Look like BM to me.
  10. Yep, you can easily knock it out in the parking lot within an hour!
  11. I have no experience, but that should actually be pretty close to what oem hellcat wheels would be if another inch was added to them. I'm sure people have had them widened, so it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to check threads regarding that. (Oem hellcat 20x9.5's come in +18mm if I remember correctly)
  12. Congrats Chuck! Now when are you picking up the new trailer?? Haha
  13. Thanks! Be sure to run some sizes through the calculators. If I found the correct offset for the OE 20x10's (+18mm), they'll actually stick out an additional 3.4mm compared to the FR 20x9.5's (+15mm) and 0.7mm compared to the FR 20x10.5's (+25mm). Here's the calculator that I've been using. http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=295&aspect=40&diameter=20&wheelwidth=10&offset=18&width2=295&aspect2=40&wheel_size=20&wheel_width=9-5&offset2=15
  14. Only real issue I've had was a water pump locking up around 75k. Other than that, my car has been trouble free...and I can't say I baby it either
  15. Looking good Greg! Now if I help you out with tires, you better give me a ride in that beast! Lmao