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shorty's 6.1

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  1. Ok now who's making the new drop out rod that guy is holding?
  2. Bump with new price.
  3. I have both.
  4. Selling my two year project.This car has a Virginia rebuilt water damage title.Car is road ready and ready to go.Car has mid 20k miles.Car was almost completely disassembled to replace all parts that came into contact with water.Parts replaced are. Main body harness New Dash to headlight harness New Dash harness New Door harnesses New Under dash h vac system with harness Used Carpets Used with 700 miles Seat belts Used Door panels Used Seats Used Console Used Window motors Used Switches Used Yaw sensor Used Short block Used with less than 2k miles Clutch Used take out with 8k miles Slave cylinder New Starter Used Headlights New non oem replicas Email address for pic's or call 276-634-5635 after 6 pm est weekdays and anytime weekends.I screen my calls due to election and marketers.Sale price is $22000. Matt
  5. Whats an orange one worth to you?
  6. What color is ho?
  7. Location?
  8. Nice set of wheels.Have some small flaws but nothing major.Front tires are Yokohama Parada spec x 245/45 with 10/32 tread,basically new. Rear tires are Nitto 420 S 255/45 with 7/32 to 8/32 tread.$1000 Plus shipping from 24112. PM me an email address for pic's.
  9. Awesome,go for it.
  10. Some body needs this for Christmas!
  11. SOLD 3.91 Diff,axles,hubs and LC drive shaft section with coupler and bolts.Diff has a couple of hours of street time axles and hubs have 9k from a stock 2013 300.$1200 plus shipping.Supply me with a zip for shipping quote or email for pic's.
  12. On any application that pushed the Arrington system to it's limits the fuel pressure could fall of on the top end and the tune was set to reflect this drop in pressure.So if your new system holds 55 or so PSI thru the run you may end up fat on the top end.