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  1. I was there! And, I wasn't impressed.
  2. Do you have to "tune" a bajo fitting???
  3. Saturday, June 11th, 2016 ..at the Santa Fe Cattle Company Lot Midwest City, OK More details will be posted and can be viewed on the Central Oklahoma MOPAR Association Facebook Page, and Web Page Link.
  4. Ah! Just finished up the graphics on the "unique" "Best of Show" Trophy!
  5. Possible Dash Plaque... "33rd...and 1/3"...get it??
  6. When you get my age, that's the only sure way to give her a thrill!
  7. Tee Shirt Graphic!
  8. The Flyer for the June Show. Fell free to share around!
  9. The 33rd Annual COMA ALL-MOPAR SHOW will be... "MOPARS AT THE CORRAL"
  10. Oh! Guess I didn't specify delivery date. http://billettechnology.net/bt/manufacturing-updates/manufacturing-update-december-18-2015/
  11. Looking great!
  12. So, since I finally got The Patriot back from the cylinder head replacement... I got to installing my Diode Dynamics engine bay lighting kit. The blue LEDs give an eerie glow to the US Flag that I airbrushed onto the hood insulation.
  13. How are we doing on catching up on the orders from "Countdown Days"??
  14. Just had the 2010 SE for about 2 months; 74K miles. She was running just great......THEN.... I got an engine light, and found to be Misfire #1 cylinder. We've done all the easy stuff, and looks like 90% compression loss. What's the chance it's something simple like a valve or valve spring, rather than a cylinder head?
  15. I'm working on it! I had two mods waiting in the garage...
  16. So, I got my gal back today, and she drives like new! Ended up with a new cylinder head, and cam. Ring on the cam loose and chipped. Had them pull the other side to check everything - all OK! Chrysler "Good Willed" all the parts. I just paid labor!
  17. Anyone know where I can get a BLUE billet twist oil cap like this that fits the V6 Challenger?? Even it's "designated" for another brand car, I can always buy the center medallion separately.
  18. Yup! Thanks anyway.
  19. Thanks Jack Wagon. That's what I am hoping for....minimal damage.
  20. So, I've had my 2010 Deep Water Blue SE for 4 weeks tomorrow. Athough I had degreased and cleaned the engine bay, it was far from "to be proud of". So Today I got down to loosening a moving a few parts under the hood in order to scub the painted areas, wax, and touch-up scratches where they were. Also, removed the black plastic strut covers to clean, prime, and paint body color too. Jordan Speith was holding off Karl S, pretty well..... So, I decided to remove the top of the air box and pull the coolant reservoir too. With the final intention to degrease it, and add a couple of light coats of the body color - masking a strip on the side to read the coolant level. ***Boy am I glad I did! Although, the coolant itself looked fine, there was a lot of glump stuck on the sides, and sediment on the bottom of the tank. I used a detergant, let it sit a while, then flused out completely for 5 minutes. I kept a sample to show my fav service tech when I get there next.
  21. Once you have had your fill, wine is a great solvent to remove grease under the hood, and tar on the fenders!
  22. Finished installing the hoses on the catch can install a couple of days ago.
  23. So ,as I posted in the WTB threads, I gave up trying to find any light blue carbon fiber dash kit (RLBCF). However I did find a Remin-type kit available at Dashkitmall that fit the bill! The sample that they sent me of the "Blue" seemed to be half way between light blue and dark blue in the other dash kit materials. I am really pretty happy with how it looks, compared to the body color; AND THE SHIFTER KNOB THAT I PURCHASED A WHILE BACK! The kit was only a 10 piece kit. But, it had all the parts I wanted. Fit is great, with one "short" exception. The following pictures include the embroidered dash mat, shifter knob, and dash kit parts.
  24. Anybody found an anodized billet cap to fit the v6?? I am sure there is some vehicle out there with a 1 3/4 inch cap and 1 3/16 x 1 3/16 twist!
  25. Finished up the catch can mod this weekend, with the exception of awaiting the braided hose. I place a stainless steel screen between the two openings of the can, to help collect oil mist. And, installed the two 45 degree fittings to keep the hoses away from hitting the hood. Will post final pictures when hoses done.