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  1. http://www.nj.com/monmouth/index.ssf/2018/01/after_52_years_of_burning_rubber_drag_racing_ends.html We lost a 1/4 track here in Cinci last year (Tri-State). Seems odd that now there are more powerful cars, tracks are closing.
  2. How much nitrous are you feeding it?
  3. Watching Horsepower TV, which is in your neck of the woods (US43 dragway they said). They had Burnouts and BBQ, likely filmed last summer. Not a single Mopar. A Hellcat would have been nice to see, and would have finished close to the top. Of the 6 teams, 3 went home in trailers. These shows are always a little light on Mopars.
  4. Sounds like the issue is traction. You won't be able to improve your 60' times until you resolve this first.
  5. Add this one to the list if not already on it. Last year it was "under construction" (nothing done to it). Now it is For Sale by Owner http://www.tristatedragway.com/
  6. Sounds like a good deal, but shouldn't this be in the classifieds forum? Or the 6.1L engine forum?
  7. I have a NIB Stage 1 for Auto, bought at the charity auction at CF4. After 4 years, I'm pretty sure I'll never get around to installing these. I can bring it to CF8 if you are going.
  8. Speedy, Put me down as paid. I forgot to put my user name on the paypal - don.parker@f***.n** Thanks, Don
  9. What mods do you have? I'm wondering if you have belt alignment issues. Any chance you could have a head gasket leak into the coolant adding pressure? At the higher RPM's it would be adding the most pressure into the coolant system. I'm in a mostly stock 392. No issues with the original parts.
  10. More fixes Sounds like an awesome deal. Sorry about your car. One reason why I am paranoid to drive mine, even though I have a $50K replacement policy on it. I did put 400 miles on it last Sunday.
  11. The pumpkin run was earlier this month (Cincinnati Ohio). I couldn't find any modern mopar parts there. Those look cool but I don't have a need for them, yet...
  12. Thanks, but I think I'll try the muffler bypass first and see how that sounds.
  13. Yes, I know. But may car deserves a SS exhaust ! I've had the stock exhaust since new (2011), and I'm in no hurry to waste my money. I'm waiting for a good deal to show up if I do go for it. But back to the original subject, can changing the cat back exhaust cause a big enough change in flow to require re-tuning? I'm currently at 441 /446 at the wheels. Only mods are a CAI, ported TB, and 180 stat. And the dyno tune. I did 12.373 at CF7 with stock Goodyears (255 40 20 rears). That was my first time competing. Thanks.
  14. I had my car dyno tuned. Would replacing the stock cat back exhaust for Zoomers / Solo / or Magnaflow Competition throw the tune out and require a re-tuning? I'm wondering if these aftermarket replacements flow that much better than the stock exhaust. Thanks.