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  1. I don't feel it does either anybody who has driving one of these 6 speed cars and understands the difficulties we have with them knows that a liberty sequential transmission does really have to overcome the same obstacles. But yes that hellcat is fast !
  2. What's the displacement of The shortblock?
  3. I don't think that is the case it is supposed to be a street car
  4. it's hard to say I'm no expert on blower setups but I would think 600-700 whp depending on how much boost you plan on making
  5. That stance is sweet ! I love the wheel a day tire setup
  6. I've seen many post of the Chevy guys crying . the camaro doesn't have near the deficit from manual to auto that the challengers have the camaro ss is actually faster as a stick shift , but I do agree that they need to running auto vs auto. The hellcat looks like it pulls harder to me
  7. Good job man! 6 spd FTW!
  8. Man those cars are unreal! What's done to the car if you don't mind me asking ?
  9. I'm surprised mopar gamble hasn't updated his post I seen a video of him going 9.78 @150+ recently
  10. Are you running stock axles ?
  11. Would this be a big step above an apache head seems specs seem similar
  12. I have a maximizer 3 progressive controller for sale $150 shipped
  13. How much for the true cold air tube and does it fit a 6.1 challenger