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  1. I've run E85 for 3+ years now on my other drag engines so i'm no stranger to it. Just curious what others were using with the G3 as this is my first one. I'll creep up on it 1 degree at a time when i do make a change.
  2. I've got a carb'd 5.7/392" Stroker on E85 and I'm looking for rough timing figures to help guide me. 2004 5.7 .010 over bore 4.050 SCAT Crank Scat H beam rods Custom JE pistons, 13.5:1 Apache heads with some porting Custom Camshaft 258/264@.050, .620/.630 Ritter intake, Dominator Flange, short version Stock lifters and valvetrain E85 1050 Dominator MSD 6 hemi with the 06+ style coils to fire it. 727, 8" Ultimate converter that flashed to 5800 behind my 450" small block 4.10 rear gear for now 29.5x10.5 Slick First day out on 20 degrees of timing the car went 10.28@131. I plan to start creeping up on the timing, i'm curious what most are running though. Car is a 3500# 67 Dart. Thanks!!!
  3. Do you know cam specs? And what heads are on it?
  4. Can you tell me about the 414 in your duster bracket car? Seems to run well. What does the car weigh and is 10.40@128 still your best time?