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  1. Bump. $250 shipped
  2. Cleaning out the garage and have this up for sale. $300 shipped OBO. Car had 33k on it when I took it off.
  3. A mullet's weakness is always a bigger mullet.
  4. Sorry, I should have clarified. I'm using a trinity.
  5. Looking through all the PIDs I need, I can't seem to fine Cam Crank Difference and Accelerator Pedal Position. Is there any additional step required to log these? Am I just an idiot? Either way, I tried looking it up before posting but I couldn't find much. I tried finding the PIDs again with no results. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction?
  6. Not to mention he violated %100 of the rules of that race.
  7. Perfect responses guys, thanks for the help.
  8. I'm on the tune Arrington gave me to get the car running, no custom tune yet. I do have a wideband.
  9. I'll keep it short. Tried to contact Arrington last week but haven't heard back yet. I have a 3.2 pulley and I am getting 6 psi on my Magnuson. I pretty much expected that with all the airflow mods the car has. I'm assuming a 3 inch would give me 8 psi. Am I correct in my thinking? Also, I need a custom tune but wanted the right pulley first. Should I let the tuner adjust the stock tune first or am I good to put the smaller pulley on now? I won't go WOT without the custom tune, just normal driving.
  10. You know, California to Kentucky doesn't seem so bad. I may just try to make a road trip out of it to see you fuckers
  11. Congrats! Are you just going to run the TA attachment with that hood?
  12. I bled it from the heat exchanger. I have everything attached according to the instructions. The current loop is like this: 1. Lower reservoir barb (front) -> Pump inlet barb 2. Pump discharge barb -> Driver side heat exchanger barb 3. Passenger side heat exchanger barb -> Driver side intercooler barb 4. Passenger side intercooler barb - > upper reservoir barb (back)
  13. Is there any specific way to prime the magnuson coolant pump? I can't get the coolant to circulate despite the pump having power. I have only been able to get about half of the coolant into the system. I contacted Rudedog but unfortunately what worked for him has not worked for me as of yet. I tried a short drive to see if I could get it circulating but without any luck. I bled the air from the system as well but it just refuses to circulate. Any tips?
  14. I'll take 'Things that make me flaccid' for 800 Trebek.