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  1. Is this complete with all the parts or bare?
  2. Good looking ride! I have a 2014 mossy oak edition and I lobe mine, I like your color combo as well.
  3. If Don is willing to step up an price match then I'd give give him a shot. It's nice to have the personable contact with a reputable guy on the forum.
  4. I'd say if you're coming from buying for a mustang the price difference is a major bummer . I think they're too high too compared to the Ls and ford offerings but that's what we have to work with. I went with titanium coated jba mainly from my approval of their stuff on my mustangs. For the price and product it's hard to beat, even though the kooks and others are badass but for the small difference in hp for double the price I'll go jba everytime. Not saying American racing and Kooks aren't the bomb but for me I just can't spend that on headers with my budget or in good conscience . I hope the hellcat boom helps the rest of us with Rt's and other models in bringing prices down and opening up more options.
  5. I have a 2014 crew cab, 4wd, outdoorsman, mossy oak edition 5.7. I have a vibration too, I've been blaming my Goodyear RSA which are wore out but after reading here I may look deeper
  6. I just bought one and they've got like $25 off right now, I actually got mine slightly cheaper from a hookup on the inside
  7. Thank you sir! Looking more an more like I'll send mine off to be reset.
  8. Shot some pm's out yesterday
  9. What kind of deal would you cut a po boy?
  10. Want to buy front seat belts for my 2012 challenger. My car is a rebuild & the belts need sent off to be reset but I'd prefer to buy used before I do that. If anyone has some at a decent price just let me know
  11. I have the hurst & absolutely hate it, feels clunky & unsure. I can't wait to make the change over to the Barton!
  12. Yes sir I'll take it! My car was a wreck & I put it back together & got a about 1200-1500 miles before it took a dump. It was real loud the hole time & I didn't know if that was normal or not.
  13. We watched it live in my fourth grade class, just terrible
  14. Yes sir, it's a grand full retail, major bummer when you don't have a warranty
  15. I need a 2011 up power steering electric motor for my 2012 challenger, mine took a dump & would like to buy one fairly cheap. I can get a new one discounted from Steve white for $700 but would love to buy used far less than that. If anyone has one just let me know!