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  1. After 3 tune revisions, Johan thinks it's just right (although I will log some more and send it to him just to be sure). The car drives great now. Very happy with the performance and sound.
  2. Thanks for the response...the headers are installed now (what a pain, even on a lift) and custom tune is installed. It sounds amazing and the increase in throttle response and "get up and go" is incredible so far.
  3. Well...........install is scheduled for this weekend at my cousin's since he has a lift. The set of JBA headers I got have D ports on them. Considering I've never done this, is that correct? I saw someone else putting some shorty headers on their car and it looked like O ports on theirs....
  4. Found the correct kit and ordered off amazon for $65.
  5. I think these are the right ones... https://jet.com/product/detail/32f44f97b69645c19f1a0f714178d3f4
  6. I just placed my order for the headers, mid pipe, O2 sensor extenders and gasket for $839! I am looking at header bolts...does anyone know the correct size?
  7. I appreciate that offer, but I already have a Trinity. And Johan is on standby when I am ready to start the custom tune. I really just need the 4 parts I listed (not specifically BBK brand for the O2 extensions or gaskets), plus my cousin who's going to help me do the install said to get some header bolts. I did not see that as an option with my order from AA so I did not list them. The only gaskets I could find is BBK brand and I am still unable to decide/locate the header bolts I want to buy.
  8. My quote from auto anything is as follows: JBA headers - PN 36965S JBA midpipe - PN 36966SY BBK O2 extensions - PN 1118 BBK header gaskets - PN 1405 $1122.64
  9. Time to bump this guy. Had some issues that prevented me from getting the headers and I just paid my car off this week! So I plan on placing an order soon....probably in a couple weeks I think. I am still undecided on the brand of headers. I can get 20% off from auto anything so that is where I'm probably going. So if I understand correctly, I need the following: Headers Mid pipe Gaskets header bolts Feel free to make more suggestions. I think I'm leaning towards JBA brand. I do have one question about this...exactly how bad is the car going to run after the install before I am able to get the custom tune installed? Surely it will still be driveable right?
  10. WOW. I am shocked how pricey these are....$85.25
  11. Holy crap those are some expensive bolts! So you say I need some of these? What size? So aside from the actual headers and midpipe, I am finding that I need OEM gaskets, O2 sensor extensions (2) and now these bolts. Actually it looks like Auto Anything is even cheaper than Maryland Speed. I'm not making any purchases just yet...probably wait another week (I get paid 3x this month) or so. Just trying to gather what I will need. My cousin has a lift at his shop so I'll spend a day over there to get it installed.
  12. Actually no, not that I see. I asked Maryland speed about the O2 sensor extensions and they told me that the JBA kit should come with ALL of the ones I need. Considering how many people have said it doesn't...I don't think I believe them. So I need to order 2 extensions and OEM gaskets since the ones that come with the kit are crap? Anything else? Maryland Speed is where I was looking and their price is (this is with off road mid pipe, and silver ceramic coated headers)... Sub-Total: $877.45 Shipping is free with $250+ order...but I was also told to call them and place an order and I'd get a % off...I'm assuming 5 or 10% off but they didn't tell me a number....yet. Yeah there's an awful lot of time wastage going on over there. Sadly, there's more traffic there though. I am actually surprised at the responses I've received on this thread. I talked to Speedy from the garage journal forums and he sent me here. It actually looks like auto anything has the best deal I can find. $758.86 total for ceramic coated headers and o/r mid pipe...they actually have 2 versions available...304 or 409 stainless. That price is with the 304.
  13. Hey dude...I have seen you on CT . I remember seeing your videos of your car.
  14. I wonder if it just makes it look that way and no actual damage is done to the ceramic coating. I can't imagine them not thinking that the headers are going to get wet while driving...
  15. Kool...I was looking at maryland speed. Their prices appeared to be the best and they offer a discount when you order by phone on top of that. I'm in Mobile, AL....rain capital of the world. So do you think it would be a waste of money ordering the coated headers since you're saying water takes the coating off???