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  1. Paramount Jeep 8.006 then they brought it back around and ran 8.003. That was awesome to watch.
  2. HHP is the only shop that has worked on my car. Stand behind there work and build a hell of a track car. Don't forget Tracy who turns the wrenches. Built my car to 750 hp and had a 10.5 at 130 mph at Atco. I used to call Josh the Hemi God till he reminded me that he killed my god. I even drive for an hour to go get an oil change done and shoot the shit. Now thinking on what to get done next?
  3. I new you were going to hit 6's by the end of the year! Great job but the question is what's next? Watching that video for the sixth time I can't get enough. Is that the last we see it this year? What's on the schedule?
  4. I met Heide from Billet Technology today great group of people and great product. ( Plus they drove from Florida and raced!!!!
  5. You will use take the money and put it right back in the car! Glad your ok and see you soon at the track.
  6. I was in. Lane 4 waiting and my shift linkage came off and I missed my run. Heard them say John had blown up and was on fire! How did he make out? I had a PB today at 10.55 at 130 mph. I know Josh from HHP can give it more. had a great day and did good on either lane. Now if I could cheat a little bit and deep stage and nail it my 60 ft times could be better.
  7. Who do I see for the track rental? Please sign me up.
  8. I will be there
  9. 126 mph now I hope I can get the drag radials to stick! Can't wait to see you since the last time we met at Atco.
  10. Check him out! Totalentertainment.dj . Check out his video flying over the Delaware. He won't be flying over your car but will be behind the tree and zooming in on your car an the lights at the end for the time. Also I don't think he could keep up with your car. Are you bringing the Hellcat? Will you have it in time?
  11. Trying to get my buddy's drone to fly behind the tree and broadcast live! Need Atco approval and I am also trying to get my buddy's laptop with video input so we can do this. If anybody has a laptop with a video input that would be great. I think this would be awesome for a live feed. Maybe we could get him to fly behind the cars but it is up to Atco for approval. Dan let me know what they say.
  12. Ran 10.8 with 11lbs of boost at 687 hp so now hopefully low 10s.
  13. 14.5 boost and stage 4 cam