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  1. How much do you need to get for it
  2. Looking for 6 speed or Boost cam and lifters to convert to non MDS. My heads are damaged from boost n busted piston syndrome so may be cheaper to buy done heads. Also interested in MDS delete kit. Any leads are appreciated. JIM
  3. Thank you for the reply, I finally just bought a used master with hoseline.... it really sucks that Dodge has no idea what I was talking about and only would offer to sell me complete assemblies that "might" have the clip. Weak sauce for sure. Thank you for trying though..happy new year. Jim
  4. Desperate, last part I need for my conversion, leads appreciated
  5. Thanks : )
  6. Looking for the clips used on the clutch lines at the master and at the slave. I have tried all the dealers, auto parts and anyone else I thought might have one here in so cal with no luck. It looks like I have to buy a complete slave or master with line to get a 50 cent clip. I f any of you have one or a used master, slave or old hose [with clips ] I am interested. Any leads will be appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas. JIM
  7. Yes Far different than the old days. You can have your current PCM programmed to manual parameters. I just wanted the ability to return to Auto if I wanted in the future and because the car is a numbered IE edition and I wanted to save as much of the stock stuff as possible. If your are swapping out a challenger the parts are readily available. I used all stock SRT parts [most are the same or interchangeable with non SRT]. You will need trans tunnel cover, engine/trans wiring harness, clutch pedals/master with hose, flywheel, clutch and slave plus trans, crossmember and drive shaft. Rear diff is geared steeper [for me 3.90 vs 3.06] shifter boot trim ring etc. The hood release cable and supply hose to clutch master are together on some models or you can improvise through the boot at the firewall. I think thats most of it but the tricky part is to run jumpers into the PCM harness to the clutch pedal switch. One is ground, one is upstop signal and one is interlock or depressed signal. the upstop and interlock go to the PCM in pins A87 and A40, if I recall correctly. If you swap out dash wiring you wont have to jump in at the PCM just connect to the under dash hook up for the clutch swith which will be routed through the Win Module or internal wiring....Piece of cake right? Every one told me it couldnt be done and I should just sell my car etc...the rest of the guys dug in and tried to help. Dont ever listen to nay sayers. If you need help ping me and I will do all I can. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  8. The Hardest part was finding someone that knew what they were talking about on the computer stuff..had lots of help from guys on this and LX forums trying to run down wiring. All said and done the most important part is the PCM . It has to be programmed to your vin with Stick shift parameters. Dont get me wrong I dont have it all dialed in yet but the hard part is handled. A guy named Jon Rodriguez [nyinstaller] is a stud when it comes to the PCM. I used all stock parts including a manual transmission/ engine wiring harness. I did not change out the dash components or wiring so I had to run my own wiring into the PCM loom because Dodge uses 2 completely different wiring systems through the WIN module and to the PCM for auto vs Manual transmissions. The car starts as it should using the clutch upstop and interrupt signals from the clutch switch. As far as the unlocked PCM my car is early [2011] and doesnt require an unlocked PCM just the right tune, thats why I was thinking the HP suite to convert my auto files.
  9. I have finished a conversion on my 2011 392 Challenger from auto to stick and need advise on tunes. My car is blown [procharger P1 7psi] and has canned procharger tunes for an auto which is drastically different than the manual tunes I now need [affects start signal among other things]. I have asked for help from procharger but they were of absolutely no help, refused because I modified the car since I bought their product......... I was contemplating an HP suite to capture the essentials to convert my stock stick PCM tune. Any advise or experience would be appreciated. Merry Christmas... JIM
  10. I have completed a swap to 6 speed in my 2011 Challenger. My last remaining issue is figuring out where to wire in my clutch pedal to the pin outs on the computer. Currently I have completed wiring, reprogrammed the PCM, and all the hard parts for the swap. The cars security system works, cycles correctly when I insert the key and turn to start but wont fire. The starter is not getting a signal and I assume its the clutch loop. I do not have the wiring loop from clutch pedal to computer (dash). I plugged in the Auto shifter to see if it would complete the signal in park but does not. Not sure where to go from here and could use your help. Pete has graciously sent me the schematic for the pin out but it only shows two spots and the clutch master has 3 wires coming off of it. I would really appreciate any wiring help you guys could give me. If I could see how to wire in the clutch, and as I understand, may need to switch to a manual transmission key module.....any help will be appreciated........desperate for info JIM
  11. Looking for stock or tubular crossmember. Also shift boot and trim ring. Thanks JIM
  12. I want to keep the original PCM as a back up in case my experiment goes horribly wrong. I have two PCMs to choose from one is a part number: P05150611AC / T00EM0352WBOG1 second sticker says MODULE P/N P05035304AD and MODULE S/N T00EM0352WB0G1 Second PCM is: P05150611AC /T00EM0831VAC89 second sticker says: AUTHORIZED SOFTWARE UPDATE then below that is MODULE P/N P05035304AB MODULE S/N T00EM0831VAC Both are supposed to be 6 speed PCMs one a 2011 and the second a 2012. Thanks AJ
  13. Is there any way to identify a PCM with the part number and software update sticker? Im working on a 2011 challenger trans conversion and have a few PCM choices to vin code but want to make sure I have what I need. Can the info be read to tell year/ engine trans combo if it is out of the car or any other way. Any help is very much appreciated. The dealers in my area are useless thanks JIM
  14. Yeah so I've heard : ) I like driving my car, not being driven...you know what I mean, you own a stick.