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  1. Yes this is true the shocks and springs are different.most people that are doing the swap in the earlier lx models,are not able to use the adjustable shocks. Plus this comes with spindles,hubs,control arms that are included. I have everything to swap into the earlier models.only thing you need to use is your existing sensors.
  2. I have a complete rear cradle swap out of a 2016 challenger scat pack.these cars share the similar suspension as the hellcats.it's equipped with the popular 3.09 rear gear that is a upgrade for the hellcats.I am selling it complete with shocks,control arms,springs,230m axles,zf differential (stronger then the getrag)spindles,hubs.this unit only has 4,000 miles.asking 2500 plus shipping. Can text me at 313 926-1568
  3. .
  4. Do you have in mind of how much you may want?
  5. Yes I do still have the camshaft for sale.
  6. Thanks for two cents turbofreek.I lost a sale plus sold it for less because you Quoted on my for sale ad that 6.1 hemi block was 1200 bucks and it was all false.
  7. Bump
  8. Bump
  9. SOLD!!!
  10. I have the oil pan off of a Chrysler 300 srt-8.In good shape no crack 150.00
  11. I have all 8 rods that are in good shape.these are the stock rods out of the 6.1 hemi.asking 150.00
  12. I have the cam out of a 6.1 hemi.the cam is in good shape.asking 100.00
  13. SOLD!!!!!
  14. Ok I will call them first thing tomorrow morning.I purchase it with the impellar damaged.thanks
  15. I only list the long block.that's minus the intake and Accessories.the intake is not sale sorry.