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  1. I can confirm this, as I was a witness, and privy, to the douchebaggery... It really is so much worse than can be imagined.
  2. I've been following along via social webs... these look f'n fantastic Mani. Way to step up and help out Mikah.
  3. OMG we gonna get fudup!!!!
  4. This pile still running? Cool. LMAO. Congrats on the new PB brother!
  5. Congrats brother. It's been a long time coming. Woot!!!!
  6. Yeah that's not how it went down. I made a solid pass and didn't make the "Quick 6" though I know i was faster than some of the cars that did make it. It was still a good time. Next year I'll know not to play by the rules.
  7. Nice write up McTaggart. It's hard to get everything in when the cars have as long of a history as some, like Sam and myself. The coverage was awesome and you did get a lot of articles written in a short time. Now we just gotta get you to another MSHS event.
  8. Sammy, I'm super stoked for ya brother. She's gonna be a whole new animal this go around. Hell, looks like we'll even be able to change the oil without having to remove the turbos. . Rum drinks and good times ahead.
  9. This should be fantastic
  10. That truck is sick boss. Me. Pete is such a fantastic guy. It's perfect. Can't wait to see the truck run at Atco
  11. Here's my mess of lines. 1 off of each valve cover to a central catch can pulling vac off of the intake manifold (horseshoe). Then one off of Cam's oil fill, to a can pulling vac off of the intake tube. They are Eagle covers with -8AN bulkhead fittings. They do weep a bit, but my crankcase issues are solved. I just got my BT covers back from Cam, he installed the bulkhead fittings into the new covers. I'll snap some shots later.
  12. That meal will be hard to beat. I'm thirsty now fo sho
  13. man Jeff that thing is a BEAST. now go beat on it.