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  1. see you guys tomorrow at Walter P show
  2. Another Great year !!!! at the Nats. Like i said before it was really nice to meet some new people this year.
  3. Ill will see what we can do. My sister is getting married on the 17th so we will see.
  4. Val and Bill it was great to meet you guys. What a great time at the Nats this year. Sorry you had to leave bill
  5. two more days Iron cant wait to get to the track. we will try to park near you. i think we should be getting to the track by 10 i hope no later then 11
  6. Sounds Good Iron ill look for you tent. ill be coming down with two other challengers.
  7. sounds about the time we will be getting to the track, maybe a little after ten. we are going to try to drop are stuff off at the motel if are rooms are ready then head over to the track.
  8. Friday can not come fast enough!!!!
  9. ok sweet thanks iron i dont know how far ill make it but if i need one ill ask you.
  10. really a fire jacket? i didnt have to have one last year.
  11. Ill be running in the trophy class.
  12. Damnit i have a damn Wedding and woodward dream cruise that weekend
  13. This time Next weeek we will be at the Nats. Hearing all the old school mopars racing ahhh i cant wait
  14. Trust me i know that will be said once or twice while at the party.
  15. Not sure if you guys seen this so ill post it in here. **You're Invited** The Chrysler Brand is hosting an exclusive LX Forums member party! In celebration of the Dream Cruise and everything LX, the Chrysler Brand is hosting an exclusive LX Forums member party on Tuesday 8/16/11 from 6-10 pm at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. On hand will be some new 2012 (not yet on sale) 300 models, and John Fortuno’s Fatchance 2.0 with some new major upgrades. We will be feasting on a gourmet burger and hot dog bar with all the fixings! Plus, you will have full access to the museum to check out all the antique, custom and concept vehicles. Party is open to Forum members only. Go here to RSVP. http://www.lxforums.com/board/f73/youre ... ty-278382/ Where: Walter P Chrysler Museum, http://www.wpchryslermuseum.org When: Tuesday, August 16th, 6 pm to 10 pm Before and / or afterward we can hit Woodward!! http://www.lxforums.com/board/f73/youre ... ty-278382/RapidTransit