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  1. So a little update last week I swapped the pulley out to the 3.2 and also swapped to a 6.1 intake manifold. I'm now seeing 6.5-7.5lbs of boost I picked up 33hp 38tq tune has not been adjusted yet had it on the dyno to get some datalogs. While on the dyno we still noticed a bit of a wave in the boost curve not as bad as last time with the leak. When I did the pulley swap I also swapped to a Dayco tensioner and Gates HD green belt. Not seeing any signs of belt slip and didn't see any leaks after pulley swap. My question is for others that have a procharger or know more about them is it normal for the boost curve to be a little wavy or should it be pretty straight. One of the guys at the shop suggested it just might be the way the system is designed causing a lot of turbulence and keeping it from being a consistent flow. I also noticed on runs with lower boost it saw higher power vs runs with higher boost All of my runs that day Top 2 runs Top 3 runs from every time I've been on that dyno overall gain from NA 134hp 104tq 6.5-7.5lbs of boost
  2. I found my leak by spraying a little soapy water on all the couplers some don't recommend soapy water but I didn't have any issues I believe you can also use throttle body cleaner. Also what's the weather like where you are heat and humidity can also cause low boost. I've been seeing a max of 5.5lbs last night I went for a short drive and it was dry and a little cooler than it has been here lately and I saw 6.1lbs
  3. What did the boost curve look like did you notice if the boost was dropping then picking back up.
  4. thanks for all the input here is a link to the datalog https://www.dropbox.com/s/ua6yd7n0vq68jya/PASS00_130.LOG?dl=0 looks like it was around 2300rpm before it started to move forward. Im already running one step colder plugs swapped them out when i did the install. I've reached out to AJ but havent heard back yet. I have had Brent from DTP respond and he said the same thing looks like it could use a little timing. I'll swap the pulley and see what happens i also have a 6.1 intake manifold i plan on installing. Im sure the tune may need to be touched up after I have the Procharger tune but didnt install it because the local shop loaded a startup tune on my trinity and i just went with that since they would be doing the custom tune anyway.
  5. The ST knk was at the end right when I got off the throttle during the run it was 0
  6. It was all the way down
  7. I was borrowing RTWildChilds drag setup we started at 16psi and were gonna work our way down. Still trying to learn what's best to get off the line before the procharger on my street tires I would just ease into it with the slicks I didn't want to try launching it too hard I don't want to break anything just yet. I'm also thinking a torque converter would be helpful so I'm starting to look into which would work best for me
  8. The kit itself I spent 6700 the rest is in gauges tuning and tools to help with the install. I'm barely making a little over 5lbs that's why I'm questioning it. The car is not my daily and I'm not trying to make it an all out racecar or anything I was just looking to be around 500hp to the wheels and mid to low 12s in the quarter mile
  9. Still trying to learn how to read datalogs and get a basic understanding of what's going on this was the second run 13.01 https://youtu.be/2oWcc8nSRH0
  10. That's how I had it setup to begin with the AFR in the center and the boost on the outer LEDs. I switched it to see what was happening with the boost and to see if it dropped like when I had the leak. I was planning to get more runs in and Watching the AFR on the trinity thanks to a nice write up I followed from you. I know weather wasn't the greatest(warm and a little humid) to get good times I was just looking to improve on the last runs I had and to get datalogs. The 12.79 is the first run in the video and the 13.01 was the second run about 15-20mins between the runs after the second run I parked and was going to let it cool down for 30-40mins but then other cars had issues and caused a lot of downtime so I did t get anymore runs in
  11. I have a 2013 Charger R/T with a Procharger P1 kit with a 3.5in pulley car also has a full exhaust Kooks long tubes with high flow cats. I did the install myself and had a local shop tune it the car runs good and haven't had any issues however Im not 100% sure the tune is as best as it can be since they dont do a lot of mopars and it only made 5 1/2lbs of boost. Some have said because of the longtubes the motor is more efficient and doesn't allow it to build the 7lbs the kit advertises others have said the longtubes have nothing to do with it. I called Procharger and spoke to them about it and they said on cars with modified exhaust such as headers they have seen 2-3lbs of boost loss vs a car with stock exhaust. They recommended a smaller pulley 3.2in so I went ahead and purchased it. I have yet to install it because i want to be sure thats what is needed to get me up to 7lbs. This is from the shop that did the tuning (mustang dyno) This was a couple weeks later (dynojet) the car had a boost leak and has been fixed. Doing some pulls i noticed a max so far of 5.8lbs just before it shifts. I went to the track this past weekend to try to get some good datalogs but was only able to get 2 passes in and 1 datalog. I set the gopro up to watch the gauges and noticed in 3rd gear the boost seems to stall for a second then picks back up. Didnt see or hear any signs of belt slip and pretty sure no leaks. I looked at the datalog and it seems the car is shifting just before 6k i had someone tell me the shift points need to be higher for it to be in my powerband for it to build more boost. So now my question is do i get a custom TCM with higher shift points and keep the 3.5in pulley on or keep the stock TCM and try the 3.2in pulley to make up the boost. I dont know if maybe my expectations for the system are a little higher than they should be or something isnt right. I want to be sure that im getting my money's worth so far about 8K in and just a little over 100hp gain doesnt seem like a good deal any help/input would be appreciated thanks video from the track