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  1. the 5 volt comes off the trinity?
  2. what do you do with the 3rd wire?
  3. I want to add fuel pressure to my trinity gauges. Has anyone done this that can point me in the right direction for the correct sending unit and harness set-up? and instructions on the wiring? Thanks
  4. Anyone have a part # for a small 0-5v fuel sender? I would like to add fuel pressure to my Trinity Thanks
  5. ours was this past weekend in Ocala FL
  6. I will be at the pumpkin run next week if anyone wants to see them.
  7. why are you selling ?
  8. received and replyed
  9. Back in to old days (before catch cans) I had the pcv vented back into the exhaust (supercharged car) could we get away with venting the catch can out the exhaust in the new cars? This would guarantee no oil in the intake. Or does the top side of the valve require some oil?